ERDF selects Telelogos to manage 20,000 mobile devices


ERDF: 100% EDF subsidiary

ERDF (Electricity Distribution Network France), a 100% subsidiary of EDF, operate the public distribution of electricity on the French territory. More than 36,000 employees ensure the daily operation, maintenance and development of nearly 1.3 million kilometers of the French electrical network. The company has 34 million customers and generates nearly 11 million “in the field” operations per year.


In recent years, several mobility projects (field technicians equipped with mobile devices) have emerged from ERDF, projects like TAMARIS (network operations) or PICTREL (interventions on-site for customers). Until 2011, each individual project (branch: network, customer …) was responsible for its own mobility infrastructure and related services.


The increasing number and the rapid evolution of these mobile devices have made control of the whole park a major challenge for the Information Systems Division at ERDF, and thus led to project managers wanting to have a solution adapted to their growing needs.

In this context, the ISD of ERDF decided in June 2010 to study the implementation of a common solution for all existing and future projects, and also the implementation of a service called GIMI (Integrated Infrastructure Mobility Management), aimed at business projects, to supply and completely operate and manage fleets of mobile devices, all this supported by their IT Business Unit (UOI).


ERDF selects TELELOGOS to manage 20,000 mobile devices

To develop its service offering, ERDF launched in March 2011 for European tender, a request consisting of three distinct parts, including one which focused on the provisioning of software for mobile device management (MDM) and the related services for its implementation. “This is an infrastructure project which should enable ERDF to develop a solution capable of ensuring the operational maintenance of a fleet of over 20,000 mobile heterogeneous devices (PDA, Smartphone, Netbooks, Tablets …)” stated Michel Torrelli – Operational Pilot Project GIMI.


In September 2011, after six months of consultation, the MediaContact solution was chosen by ERDF to drive forward its 20,000 mobile devices and the integrator IER to accompany its implementation. “MediaContact ability to support fleets of thousands of heterogeneous mobile devices, both from a technical point of view (multi-server architecture: load balancing, active-active cluster) and functional (processing in bulk: pre-inscriptions, auto-reporting …), is part of the criteria that determined the choice.”


In addition to this ability, the built in characteristics of MediaContact (centralized management, communication optimization…), associated with functional coverage (provisioning settings, security and monitoring of terminals…), its usability (reports, dash-board…), its ease of use and implementation (configurable interface…), were decisive in the choice made by ERDF.

Deployment project planning

The deployment of MediaContact began gradually during Q4 of 2011:

  • Technical validation and system configuration: October
  • Setting up an infrastructure of pre-production: November
  • Deployment of the first part of the production infrastructure: December

“The first large deployment of automatic updates of applications via MediaContact was successful.”
In late May 2012, the entire production infrastructure is operational and supports 4000 terminals. ERDF foresees the support for 7000 additional terminals at the end of 2012, 14 000 end of 2013 and 20 000 during the course of 2014.


« Beyond the fact that MediaContact responded perfectly to our needs and requirements, the expertise and responsiveness of the French software editor Telelogos associated with the project management of the integrator IER, have been the key to success. The commitments made at the time of the first consultations have been translated into actions during the initialization phase of the project (rapid evolution of the software to adapt the Kiosk function to a new type of terminal, supporting Android …).» Michel TORRELLI – Operational Pilot Project GIMI

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