06 May 2024

Prise de décision au sein d'un entrepôt logistique

In the fast-paced world of modern logistics, effective communication is key to responsive management of operations and logistics flows.


Issues such as truck loading/unloading delays, equipment malfunctions, or stock shortages can significantly disrupt warehouse logistics.


Therefore, it's crucial to enhance operational efficiency, bolster security, and foster effective communication within the warehouse, all of which can be achieved with a digital signage solution.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency within the Warehouse

Digital signage goes far beyond traditional static signs.

This technology transforms warehouses into intelligent and connected work environments, where every action is guided by data, allowing for:

  • Instantaneous dissemination of updated information based on context or real-time data
  • Customization of messages according to specific needs at any given moment
  • Direct interaction with operators in the field

Moreover, its implementation is straightforward. The digital signage software retrieves logistics data from your business solutions (WMS, ERP, MES, TMS, etc.) and automatically aggregates them for visual and impactful dissemination on your screens: dashboards, gauges, thresholds with color indicators, etc.


Task and Schedule Coordination

Strategically placed screens allow everyone to visualize their assigned tasks, priorities, specific instructions associated with each order, and the progress of each stage. This shared information enables immediate adjustments when necessary and better anticipation of potential bottlenecks to limit delays and optimize all logistics flows. Each operator is fully informed, enabling informed decision-making and better engagement in daily tasks.


For managers, setting up dashboards related to average processing times and individual performances allows for more precise resource planning. Additionally, managers can use screens to display and inform in real time about schedule changes, assignment adjustments, or break times.

Real-Time Stock Management

One of the major challenges in warehouse management is maintaining a constant stock level while optimizing storage space and avoiding shortages and overstock risks.


Digital signage provides precise and real-time visibility into stock levels. You can configure your dashboards to identify any issues quickly. These visual alerts are essential in facilitating the daily lives of operators and managers to better anticipate potential shortages or excess inventory and thus optimize warehouse flows.

Enhanced Pending Order Tracking

Utilize screens to display orders to be prepared or incoming shipments based on the expected arrival order of trucks at the loading docks. Provide real-time visibility into the status of each order, remaining preparation time, destination dock, etc. This information allows for tracking the progress of operations and notifying of any potential delays to make necessary decisions regarding logistics flows. The data is updated automatically and in real-time, thus facilitating the work of operators.


Additionally, digital signage can disseminate procedures and precise instructions via a "trigger" function that allows content to be broadcast on demand. An operator can launch a step-by-step guide for an operation they are less familiar with to reduce the risk of errors.

Direct Loading Management

Digital signage screens in the warehouse indicate in real-time the arrival of trucks (thanks to data from your TMS) and the necessary information for the proper loading or unloading of each one (procedures, pallet loading order, etc.). A valuable aid in avoiding delays and congestion.

Strengthening Warehouse Security to Optimize Logistics Flows


Improving security at a logistics site is essential for both human and material risks:

Dispensing Warehouse-Specific Safety Rules


Digital signage screens are an ideal means to inform about mandatory or recommended Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for entering a specific area of your site or to easily identify particularly risky zones. Remind of traffic directions, handling areas, or restricted access spaces.

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Training and Awareness


Consider using impactful formats to raise awareness and establish a safety culture within your site. Disseminate safety training videos, incident simulations, or practical tips for daily adoption. Easily display the number of accident-free days.

Real-Time Alerts


It's easy to configure your digital signage solution to display an appropriate alert message on all or part of your screens, triggered either manually (e.g., by pressing an alert button) or by a pre-identified condition being met (e.g., reaching a certain sound volume measured by a sensor, incomplete order reported by your business software, etc.). Interconnected with a monitoring and hazard detection system (such as leaks of hazardous products, fires, etc.), your digital signage solution can broadcast messages tailored to the current situation. This is an excellent complement to an audible alert to specify the reason for the danger and the required action, and also to reach individuals wearing noise-canceling headphones, for example, who may not hear the audible alert.

Optimizing Internal Communication at Your Logistics Site


Whether for forklift drivers or operators, personnel moving within the warehouse are often mobile employees without fixed workstations, rarely with continuous access to their emails, and therefore can quickly become disconnected from their company. Communicating with this personnel is a real challenge.


Please take advantage of the power of visual communication to engage them on topics that may be distant from their daily tasks but are equally important for their commitment to the company. Transform their break time into an asset for your internal communication!

Screens can be used to broadcast internal messages or information about your company's commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. However, simply share internal news relevant to everyone: monthly figures, messages from the president, reminders of upcoming company events, and memories of previous gatherings. All these elements contribute to the sense of belonging of the various stakeholders, ultimately playing a role in their engagement with your company.



Therefore, digital signage has its rightful place within a logistics site to optimize logistics flows. Digital communication improves the smoothness of operations and, more broadly, operational efficiency. But it's not just that. Use your screens to emphasize prevention and safety within your warehouse further. Reinforce your company's values. Stay in touch with your colleagues and actively contribute to their daily engagement! And all of this, very simply, always from the same interface, regardless of the content, whether it's operational or institutional, and no matter the screen or screens targeted. A digital signage solution will allow you to aggregate all your content, whether manually created or automatically generated through the retrieval of your business data, to sequence and finally broadcast them according to the desired schedule.


So, are you ready to dive into the world of connected and intelligent logistics?


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