MDM Solution for Transportation and Logistics


Mobile devices accompany every journey step in transportation and logistics, from PDAs in warehouses to phones and tablets provided to drivers. They streamline all processes by assisting every contributor in the supply chain. One key to seamless transportation and logistics lies in the intelligent management of these mobile devices. Hence, a dedicated Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution tailored for transportation and logistics offers more than just a glimpse. It enables you to monitor, secure, configure, and manage your devices remotely, ensuring optimal operability and maximum control.

Entrepôt de logistique et de transport avec des opérateurs équipés de terminaux mobiles avec une solution MDM

Key Objectives of an MDM Solution for Transportation and Logistics

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The transportation and logistics sector must revolutionize its operations to satisfy clients and boost productivity continually. This includes digitizing documents such as delivery orders, proof of delivery, and itineraries on tablets or smartphones. An MDM solution for transportation and logistics streamlines mass deployments and monitoring of mobile application solutions. Our Clyd solution ensures centralized fleet management, system environment security, geolocation, and application deployment and updates.



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Deploying efficient mobile solutions is imperative for companies to enhance their order preparation processes and operator productivity. An MDM solution addresses these challenges by securing warehouse and/or voice-picking terminals. The Clyd MDM solution reduces handling errors through kiosk mode, providing employees only the necessary applications and settings for their roles. It also automates the distribution of business application updates and operating systems (firmware).

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Digital signage in transportation and logistics benefits operational teams by facilitating real-time communication, enhancing operational visibility, and reinforcing workplace safety. This optimizes workflows, reduces errors and costs, and promotes efficient execution of logistics operations. In this regard, an MDM solution allows complete supervision of screens: connectivity, installations, software updates, remote control, etc. Thus, there are no black screens, and security is maximum. Similarly, an MDM solution like Clyd enables managing and configuring various devices like printers.

Usage of Mobile Devices in Transportation, Warehouses, and Docks

Freight Transportation

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With secured smartphones and tablets, drivers quickly access optimized routes, real-time updates, and vital information. While simplifying communication between the logistics center and drivers, our MDM solution ensures efficient remote management, seamless administration, and total device security.

Passenger Transportation

Chauffeur de bus équipé d'un téléphone avec une solution MDM

Our MDM solution, dedicated to transportation and logistics, ensures easy and secure terminal usage, facilitating drivers' daily work. Provide access to routes, schedules, and communications while blocking certain features during driving for added safety. With a single glance, remotely manage hassle-free administration and ensure device security.

Medical Transportation

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Emergency services (Ambulances, fire departments, EMS, etc.) can access essential features for optimal patient care with secure smartphones and tablets. The fastest routes can be planned in real time, and teams can effectively coordinate emergency interventions. The MDM solution ensures that each device is secure and optimally configured to meet the specific requirements of emergency interventions.

Loading Docks

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Equipped with secure smartphones and tablets, workers on the logistics docks can instantly access information to coordinate loading and unloading operations. The MDM solution comes into play to ensure efficient remote management of each device, ensuring that configurations are optimal for specific tasks on the docks.

Supply chain


Opérateur équipé d'une tablette lui permettant de suivre ses missions en entrepôt.

Warehouse operators can quickly access logistical data, track real-time stock movements, and efficiently coordinate operations through PDAs, secure smartphones, and tablets.

Training for Transportation and Logistics Professions

Opérateurs dirigés dans leurs missions grâce à leurs PDAs gérés par une solution MDM

Mobile devices have become indispensable companions for practical and accessible training sessions. Smartphones and tablets offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing employees to access training modules from anywhere. Our solution facilitates remote training by ensuring the management of these devices and the security of sensitive data.

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MDM Solution Dedicated to Transportation and Logistics


Discover a tailored MDM solution for the transportation and logistics sector. From application kiosks to geolocation, each function meets a specific need. Clyd MDM offers multiple benefits: ease of use, ergonomics, and robustness, providing multi-brand management, mass deployment, and uncompromising security. In short, it is a versatile solution adapted to demanding environments like transportation and logistics.


Application Kiosk

The application kiosk is a powerful control tool. Creating a secure workspace for Android devices goes beyond simply restricting access to applications and URLs. It builds a consistently controlled work environment, eliminating unnecessary features and applications that could hinder productivity. Limiting access to Android system settings and configurations allows the kiosk to offer ease of use without compromising security, creating an ideal ecosystem for efficient logistics operations.

Hardware And Software Inventories

Get complete visibility into all your devices and their hardware and software components. Proactively monitor the status of your device fleet, track software versions, and plan necessary updates with confidence. Stay informed and ready to act to maintain your mobile device fleet's performance, security, and optimization, ensuring smooth operation at every link in your logistics chain.

Battery And Network Monitoring

this feature provides constant vigilance over battery status and network stability in an environment where every second counts. In real-time, it ensures energy management, ensuring that each device is ready for action when it needs to be. By monitoring connectivity, it provides uninterrupted communication, thereby contributing to maintaining smooth and efficient logistics operations.

Remote Control

Remote control is akin to an instant link between the administrator and mobile devices, allowing real-time assistance wherever users are. This function ensures maximum responsiveness, whether to identify or resolve technical issues, deploy configurations, or manually perform remote updates.

Application Deployment

With just one click, application deployment ensures that each driver or operator has the necessary applications remotely—a practical solution in an industry where rapid communication and simultaneous updates across all devices are essential.

Geolocation And Geofencing

Providing precise geolocation of terminals, this feature offers instant visibility into routes taken, allowing optimal route management. On the other hand, geofencing acts as a virtual barrier, triggering alarms or immediate actions when leaving a predefined area. This combination of technologies provides an unprecedented level of control, contributing to strengthening security, optimizing routes, and reacting quickly to real-time events.

Provisioning (Configuration/Contacts)

Provisioning configuration and contacts are vectors for instant preparation for maximum efficiency. Imagine an employee must move between multiple warehouses, each with a distinct WiFi network. With the MDM solution, provisioning directly registers all necessary configurations on agents' terminals: no more tedious manual actions or time wasted configuring each network manually. With a single deployment, the MDM solution ensures that each agent is ready to operate in any environment, ensuring unparalleled fluidity in logistics operations.

Touch Blocking While Driving

This feature is particularly suitable for the transportation industry, blocking the terminal and deactivating touch usage once a certain speed is reached. This proactive measure helps reduce risks associated with using the terminal while driving, enhancing driver safety and ensuring compliance with road safety standards.

Message Broadcasting

This feature makes it possible to instantly send a message to all or part of the mobile fleet. These messages are displayed in the center of the screen like a pop-up, ensuring immediate visibility. Whether for transmitting urgent information, important updates, or critical instructions, this function offers a direct and effective channel to maintain reactive communication in the fast-paced rhythm of transportation and logistics.





Les fonctionnalités et bénéfices d'une solution MDM pour le secteur du transport


Ease Of Use

With an MDM solution tailored to the transportation and logistics sector, the mobile device work environment is perfectly adjusted, allowing operators and drivers to focus on their missions without worrying about technical complexity. This ease of use becomes a major asset, making every interaction with the terminals as intuitive as it is productive in logistics operations.





The solution allows simplified configuration tailored to specific needs; each device can be set up as a natural extension of the task. End users thus benefit from optimal ergonomics, where each feature is arranged to facilitate daily use. This approach offers a smooth and intuitive user experience.


Thanks to precise configuration and intuitive use of mobile devices (PDAs, phones, tablets, etc.), end users can entirely focus on their missions without hindrance. From mass application deployments to remote updates, every aspect of our solution is geared towards streamlining processes, ensuring uninterrupted productivity in the fast-paced rhythm of transportation and logistics.

Multi-Brand Management

This feature centralizes management, regardless of phone manufacturers, by supporting a heterogeneous device fleet. Consistency in configuration and monitoring is maintained, ensuring uniform management of the entire fleet. This multi-brand approach becomes a driving force, freeing operators from the complexity of device diversity and ensuring unified management in the demanding transportation and logistics sector.

Déploiement en masse

Whether to equip new employees or to update the entire fleet, this mass deployment capability ensures uniformity in configuration and features (Wi-Fi, applications, kiosks, etc.).

Intervention d’urgence

Une solution MDM adaptée offre aux gestionnaires la capacité unique d'intervenir rapidement à distance sur l'ensemble de la flotte d'appareils mobiles en cas de situation critique. Que ce soit pour résoudre des problèmes techniques urgents ou pour déployer des instructions essentielles, cette fonction d'intervention d'urgence assure une gestion proactive et efficace. En garantissant des opérations ininterrompues, même dans les moments les plus délicats, cette capacité devient un élément clé pour maintenir la fluidité des opérations logistiques.


Every element is designed to prevent potential security risks, from advanced access control measures to constant monitoring of devices and connections. Our MDM solution ensures that every device, every data, and every operation is protected in the complex environment of transportation and logistics. This benefit, far from being merely functional, represents an essential added value, ensuring that security is not a concern but a certainty.


Our MDM solution represents a robust foundation, avoiding any vulnerabilities in both security and operation. This reliability offers a long-term vision, a certainty that the solution will withstand the constant changes in the logistics sector. It establishes a solid foundation for stable, secure, and sustainable operations, making our solution a reliable choice to anticipate changes and evolve within the transportation and logistics sector.


By limiting the wear and tear of mobile devices (PDAs, smartphones, rugged tablets, etc.) through the control it enables, our MDM solution significantly extends its lifespan, thus reducing the frequent need for costly replacements. This preservation comes with multiple ecological benefits, such as reducing electronic waste and minimizing the carbon footprint associated with manufacturing new devices.

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