Retail network data synchronization solutions

MediaContact supports the digitalization of retail networks with its data synchronization and administration functions for all devices present at points of sale: back office servers, POS terminals, interactive terminals, dynamic display screens, etc. Furthermore, MediaContact enables the management of mobile computers used in Retail, whether these are mobile computers for merchandising, stock or warehouse management... as well as tablets (sales support tools) available to salespeople.



  • Synchronization of back-office servers (point of sale <-> headquarters)
  • POS terminal administration
  • Remote deployment of software, applications, updates, patches, etc. to points of sale
  • Hardware and software inventory of point of sale terminals
  • Monitoring and supervision of point of sale terminal status (online/offline)
  • Optimization of communications
  • Differential or real-time synchronization of all types of file and folder structures
Use cases


  • Centralized collection of sales, cash register receipts, invoices, delivery slips, staff information, etc.
  • Distribution of item information files, prices, promotions, training materials, product catalogs, multimedia information, etc. to points of sale
  • Upload of sales information in real time and data exchange for loyalty card management
  • Administration of all point of sale terminals (fixed or mobile) via a single, centralized interface
  • Management of terminals intended for the public (embedded tablets)
  • Distribution of files to suppliers and organizations (orders, statistics, etc.)