Mobile App: Reservation of Your Meeting Rooms Anywhere You Are

With the mobile application module of our meeting and office reservation solution, efficiently manage your professional daily tasks wherever you are! Whether remote, on the move, or on-site, easily access your reservations at all times, quickly plan new meetings, and ensure that all this information is synchronized in real time with your calendar. With Meeting4Display, no more unnecessary time loss – gain productivity for tasks that truly matter!

Effortless Booking with the Mobile App

The Meeting4Display mobile application is compatible with Android and iOS and fully interconnected with the software suite (enterprise messaging system and touchscreen application). It provides access to all search and reservation functionalities available through Meeting4Display, whether for a meeting room or an office. Users are personally authenticated, ensuring complete synchronization of reservations made from the mobile app or their email calendar. This provides a unique user experience and simplified booking, regardless of the time of day or reservation context: from the office, remote work, or even while on the go.



Quickly Find and Reserve an Available Room or Office


Customize your search based on specific criteria (availability date, duration, capacity, site, building, or floor, ...)


Reserve a space for 15, 30, or 60 minutes or a specific date and duration


Joignez automatiquement un visuel à vos invitations afin d'orienter vos collaborateurs au sein de vos locaux ou leur permettre de visualiser la disposition de la salle

Anticipating Presence at the Office


In the era of remote work and frequent travel, the presence at the office can be perceived as a constraint for your employees, who may fear finding a space to settle.

It is now easy to eliminate this apprehension by offering them an efficient space reservation solution, whether for meeting rooms or offices. No more time wasted! Just a few clicks from their email or smartphone allows them to ensure the availability of a suitable space before their arrival. Thus, our meeting room reservation software also integrates offices, permitting employees to manage all their reservations centrally.

Early booking of a


via the mobile app



Our mobile app makes it easy to anticipate a meeting room reservation simply and efficiently. Apply filters tailored to your specific needs, whether the time slot, capacity, or location in the building. Available rooms that meet your criteria are displayed in a few clicks, allowing you to finalize your reservation.


The Meeting4Display mobile app also provides access to the visual associated with each room if configured by the administrator. An effective way, for example, is to confirm the room's location if you are unfamiliar with the premises or to view the layout or amenities.

Early booking of a


via the mobile app



Many companies now offer their employees shared spaces known as "flex offices" to counter the effect of unoccupied desks. A significant change in work habits. Provide peace of mind to your employees by allowing them to anticipate their arrival and easily reserve the space that suits them.


The Meeting4Display mobile app makes it easy to search for an available office by the hour, half-day, or full-day, and according to its location in the building. A few clicks are enough to finalize a reservation.




You want to optimize your workspaces and make your employees' life easier?

Adapting Your Presence at the Office


The Meeting4Display mobile app allows you, on-site, to make "on-the-fly" reservations using QR codes placed in front of workspaces available for booking. Similarly, you can adjust your already scheduled reservations at any time.

Instant Reservation via a QR Code


Take out your smartphone, scan the QR code positioned on the desk or at the entrance of the targeted meeting room, and choose the duration through predetermined options (or opt for a custom slot according to your needs): nothing could be simpler than reserving a workspace on-site from your smartphone using the Meeting4Display mobile app!


Moreover, this method enables immediate synchronization with your calendar, ensuring complete visibility of your reservations.



Through the Meeting4Display mobile app, you can access all your upcoming reservations with just one click. A comprehensive view to optimize your daily office routine and quickly check, at a glance, that you will have a desk for your upcoming on-site days. Find all your reservations here, whether made from the app or your messaging. The fully interconnected software suite ensures simple and smooth management.


The mobile app also allows you to adjust your reservations quickly. Extend a meeting beyond what you had planned, or conversely, reduce its duration if it ends earlier than expected, or cancel your reservation for a meeting that won't take place. This efficient reservation management ensures resource optimization.



The web app is available for both Android and iOS


Quickly view all your upcoming reservations at a glance.


The ergonomics of our app are designed to be as simple as possible for effective use.


Manage your reservations wherever you are.


The web app operates in authenticated mode, meaning your reservations are automatically assigned to you and appear in your calendar


Free up reserved but unoccupied spaces


All information entered from the mobile app is automatically synchronized with your calendar and touchscreen reservation screens if applicable.

Meeting4Display is also


Calendar/Outlook Add-on


Booking Screen


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