Guiding Within Your Premises and Providing Information on Workspace Occupancy Status

Do your offices span multiple buildings? Have numerous floors and long corridors turned your premises into a real maze for your employees, not to mention visitors?

Navigating unfamiliar locations can be challenging, especially when heading to a meeting room for your next discussion.

Simplify your office routine with our workspace reservation solution paired with digital signage. Welcome clients with a personal touch, display real-time workspace statuses, and easily guide employees and visitors.

Combine the Meeting4Display workspace management and reservation solution with the Media4Display digital signage software to:

Display the occupancy status of workspaces on your digital signage screens, enabling users to find available workspaces quickly.

Showcase your organizational layout, available workspaces, and a list of ongoing and upcoming meetings to guide and inform your employees.

Transform reservation touchscreen tablets into effective communication tools using the screensaver loop to broadcast personalized digital signage content.

Digital Signage of All Reservations


Meeting4Display allows you to efficiently manage workspace reservations from your email, mobile app, or touchscreen reservation screens at room entrances. However, on-site, having a quick overview of all workspaces and their real-time availability is sometimes beneficial. Need an impromptu meeting space or a quiet spot for a quick call? You may want to check the availability on-site without going through email searches.

Display of Space Availability on Reservation Touchscreen Tablets


Strategically positioned touchscreen reservation tablets at the entrance of your workspaces offer an initial solution. They enable everyone on your premises to see the real-time status of each space directly on the screen. Additionally, Telelogos-certified screens go a step further, featuring bright and colorful LEDs that immediately indicate the room's occupancy status, even from a distance.

Green - Available : The room is ready to be booked for your meeting or work session.

Red - Occupied : Move along.

Orange - Temporarily available: a meeting will start soon. Need a quick space for a call? This room is for you! The administrator configures the specific display duration of the orange color before the next meeting starts.

Utilize Digital Signage to View All Available Spaces


Continuing our quest to simplify daily work life, Meeting4Display, coupled with our Media4Display digital signage solution, allows you to display all available spaces for reservation and their real-time status on your screens. This can be highlighted either through a comprehensive list showing all ongoing reservations or by detailing the current state of each space individually. In case of need, employees can easily and quickly identify the nearest available space!


Leverage your screens to live-stream all ongoing and upcoming reservations for your meeting rooms or workspaces available for booking. This provides an overall view of the day's schedules, with widgets displaying details of each meeting, all aimed at saving time for the entire team.


Professional Guidance in the Workplace


Beyond simple widgets indicating the real-time status of your spaces, digital signage offers the benefit of 100% personalized communication tailored to your needs! Add a map of your global or floor-by-floor premises for an even more precise visualization. Provide everyone with the ability to see, at a glance, space availability and the way to their next reservation!


Our widgets indicate where to reach your meeting room or the sought-after office space. While widgets offer clear guidance, a map will help some individuals better visualize and navigate easily. Additionally, it provides an even more readable overview of available spaces in case of last-minute needs.


Strategically place your screens at the entrance of your building, near an elevator, or at the entrance of an open workspace to ensure that each visitor or employee receives the correct information at the right time.


You want to optimize your workspaces and make your employees' life easier?

Booking a Workspace Directly from the Orientation Screen

Thanks to the QR codes associated with each workspace, allow your employees to reserve a workspace easily at the last minute. Display the QR code for each space on your screens. The employee needs to scan the one corresponding to the available and preferred space, choose the reservation duration via predetermined options (or opt for a custom slot if required), and it's booked! The status will immediately change on the screen to "Occupied."

Optimize Your Communication Using Screens

Don't limit yourself to displaying a map or meeting room statuses on large screens! Leverage the power of digital signage to customize visitor welcome messages and strategically communicate with your employees throughout the day.


And we're not just talking about large screens! With the integration of our Meeting4Display solution and the Media4Display digital signage software, transform your touchscreen reservation tablets into a true communication tool. Easily activate the "screensaver loop" function that allows you to broadcast predetermined content on your screens after a period of inactivity. Use your screens to disseminate internal communication messages, and the reservation interface automatically reappears with a touch.



Meeting4Display and Media4Display communicate with each other.


The interconnection of the two solutions enables real-time information updates.


Automated management and control of your screen, player, tablet fleet, etc.


No need to visit each screen for updates.


Choose power-off hours for your devices to avoid unnecessary screen illumination during periods of office absence.


Compatible with leading professional screen manufacturers.