Digital Signage for Manufacturing

Digital Signage and digital visual management in the manufacturing industry makes it possible to fully leverage the power of data at production sites, shop floors and warehouses. It helps also streamline communication, making activity achievements visible and all kind of information (HSE, institutionnal...) accessible to all in real-time.

Why Opt for Digital Signage in Manufacturing?


Management visuel via l'affichage dynamique dans l'industrie


With digital signage, harness your business data to create visual insights, easing decision-making for management and streamlining operational workflows. Also, use these screens to alert teams about HSE regulations and company updates



Operationnal Communication

Empower your operators and management by leveraging data from your business tools (WMS, MES, PLM, ERP) to showcase dashboards, production tracking, and shipping updates.

HSE Communication

Ensure your teams work safely and meet environmental and hygiene standards : safety instructions, accident rates, and sanitation protocols.

Institutional Communication

Boost the visibility of your institutional messages, foster employee engagement, and strengthen team spirit : HR updates, achievements, messages from leadership, and site events.

Right Information at Right Time in Manufacturing Thanks to Digital Signage

World Class Manufacturing (WCM), Quality, Supply Chain, Internal Communication, Sustainability, IT, HR, Sales & Marketing: Digital Signage communication channel is of value to multiple departments of a manufacturing company. Its deployment generates "quick wins" and usually offers accelerated return on investment through productivity improvements, reduction of scrap rates, incident management improvement… and overall, through increased employee engagement.



Assist Managers

Display detailed production information during interactions with field workers to analyze activity and generate corrective actions.



Share in real-time production KPIs, quality indicators, scrap rates, incidents rates, safety instructions, best practices for sustainability…


Assist Field Workers

Give access form the workplace to fabrication orders, datasheets, maintenance procedures... to better on-board new employees and temporary staff.



Broadcast in real-time urgent information: security alerts, supply chain events (i.e. arrival of a delivery truck), production incidents, planned tasks (i.e. maintenance).


Streamline the Supply Chain

Share supply chain information to ease the cooperation between the teams and accelerate production flows.


Grow Corporate Culture

Make sure all employees – including those with no personal PC nor professional email – have access to corporate and site information.


Improve employee productivity and safety

Transmission systems - 1 000 employees

- Real-time production status
- Production goals
- Quality indicators
- Safety rules


Ensure employees / visitors have permanent access to information

Pharmaceutical industry - 7 500 employees

- Real-time production monitoring
- Alerts management
- Employee access to HR resources
- Safety rules


ISOVER SAINT GOBAIN : Develop the corporate spirit in all production sites.

Building products - 10 000 employees

- Manufacturing data
- Local and global information
- Safety rules

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Staff in Manufacturing Companies



Interested in deploying Digital Signage in your manufacturing environment?

Let's talk about your project!

How to Deploy Digital Signage in a Manufacturing Environment?

While Digital Signage is simple, non-intrusive and scalable, specific factors should be considered for its successful deployment in an Industry 4.0 environment.

Telelogos Digital Signage solution Media4Display is a perfect fit.

Supervision of equipment

Displays are deployed at strategic locations on the production site: docks, accesses, production lines, warehouses, break rooms, offices.


Access to the data

Telelogos Media4Display extracts data and information from production equipments, from business applications (ERP, MES, PLM, WMS, …) and from any other internal and external data sources.

Turn data into information

Correlation, aggregation, formatting (…) : data are transformed into visual information which can be mixed and completed with widgets : indicators, tables, gauges, alert systems. They are then organized in dashboards, wallboards and playlists.

Schedule and broadcast information

Media4Display makes it easy to organize and plan the broadcasting of the various information according to the location of the displays; it is also possible to condition their displaying or the color according to specific events, rates, targets…

What Media4Display, our Digital Signage Solution, Brings to You



With Media4Display, the digital signage network is tightly integrated to the Digital Manufacturing platform as well as to the other data sources for an automatic update of the displayed information







With Media4Display the accesses to the digital signage network are managed and monitored, data exchanges can be encrypted; overall through Media4Display the digital signage network can be aligned with the security policies of the company




Media4Display natively offers the central monitoring of all the connected equipment: displays, tablets, kiosks, PCs and laptops, printers…








Media4Display can be used as a two ways communication channel by the bystanders to send information and requests from their workplace to the Digital Manufacturing platform (touch screens, RFID, scan of QR and barcodes, push buttons…)




Different teams are possibly interested in the usage of the Digital Signage displays.Media4Display offers a very flexible and clear way of organizing and optimizing their cooperation




Transform Workers’ Experience in Manufacturing Thanks to Digital Signage

Industry 4.0 is a complex and fast evolving world. A close cooperation between suppliers is critical for the successful deployment of new and innovative solutions. To improve workers experience and restore employee engagement in shopfloors and warehouses, Telelogos closely partners with key software and hardware suppliers for manufacturing. Telelogos Media4Display is designed to be easily deployed on legacy environments by professional system integrators working for demanding manufacturing corporations.


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