Mobility management for sales and field teams

Today, colleagues in the field have laptops, tablets and other devices that provide all of the tools they need to manage their tasks: professional applications, files, document base, etc. It is vital to be able to manage these devices remotely, in order to ensure they are kept secure and in good working order. It’s also essential to ensure that all their business data is up-to-date and synchronized with the headquarters.



  • Deployment and updating of business applications
  • Differential synchronization of files, folder structures, databases, email, etc.
  • Hardware and software inventory
  • Remote control/repair of devices
  • Monitoring connections and networks, the battery, memory, CPU, etc.
  • Centralized backup and data recovery
  • Supervision of operating status
Use cases


  • Synchronize sales books and pitches for salespeople
  • Ensure feedback of data input by a researcher on their device
  • Real-time monitoring of actions in the field (sending and centralization of work reports, etc.)
  • Merchandizing
  • Management of tablets in kiosk mode for customers or salespeople in a point-of-sale network (Retail)
  • Update of customer information in the company’s CRM
  • Updating of multimedia content on a salesperson/adviser’s tablet at a point of sale or in a branch, etc.