Mobile Device Management

"Simplify enterprise mobility management"

CLYD is an MDM/EMM solution enabling easy enterprise mobility management. It makes it possible to administer, manage and secure Android and Windows smartphones and tablets. CLYD provides the functionality needed to manage applications, secure devices and take remote control. Your business will have at its disposal a complete solution for managing a fleet of mobile devices, certified by Google through its Android Enterprise program.


The CLYD Mobile Device Management solution enables management of inventories from a few dozen devices to several tens of thousands, with local client technical support.


Software available in SaaS or On Premise mode.

CLYD - Functionality

Device security - Kiosk Mode

Use kiosk mode to create and deploy a secure work environment for users on your business devices

Application management

Deploy business applications developed in house or from the Google Play Store; silently update applications

Device monitoring and control

Have information at your fingertips about the general condition of your fleet, connection and deployment statistics, device malfunction alarms

Google EMM - Android Enterprise

CLYD is approved by Google and is compatible with Android Enterprise Recommended devices.

Remote control

Take control of devices and perform maintenance operations

Data management

Manage the documents and folders accessible on devices, and ensure their synchronization, transfer, and backup.


Access device location data, trip histories, set off alarms/actions if a device leaves the approved area

Device management
when driving

Define a speed for locking the device, allowing touch screen use to be disabled above a certain speed


Ease of use

Designed for simple and rapid implementation, CLYD enables administrators to manage their device fleet in a few clicks and to adapt to existing operational setups. The software specifically makes it possible to delegate all or part of the device fleet administration to local administrators (branches, regions, etc.).

A complete solution

CLYD enables remote device security and administration, no matter the brand. CLYD ensures initial device deployment as well as maintenance of operating conditions and optimization of all devices.

A response to business needs

CLYD meets the business needs of enterprises, for which mobility and its applications are crucial and strategic business tools. These devices must thus be managed and maintained in perfect working order. CLYD provides administration teams with a tool suited to their needs and their context, thanks in particular to the definition of personalized dashboards and compliance criteria.



Whether through our network of integration partners or directly with our support team or our solutions experts, TELELOGOS will support you through implementation and monitoring of your project.


Android Enterprise

CLYD is approved by Google through its Android Enterprise
program and is compatible with Zero Touch Enrollement



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