Example of digital signage in a healthcare establishement


Digital signage in healthcare establishments

There are many possibilities offered by the Media4Display digital signage software in healthcare establishments: provide a personalized welcome for visitors, keep them informed about appointments in real time, help them locate patient and other rooms, and guide them through buildings and corridors... The digital signage software Media4Display is a secure solution that can be integrated into an existing IT infrastructure: access rights, safety policy and network architecture.

Main objectives

Keep your patients informed

Provide a personalized welcome to patients, keep them informed of appointments in real time, display information about your establishment or general information (news, weather, etc.), manage touch screen terminals available to visitors

Guide your patients and visitors

Guide them through buildings and corridors with your network of screens.

Communicate with teams

In break rooms, cafeterias, etc., display your internal communications information to healthcare staff, manage touch screen terminals and guarantee constant access to information.


Digital signage features for healthcare


  • Rapid and simple creation and broadcast through Media4Display digital signage software’s intuitive interface
  • A secure platform that can be integrated with existing IT infrastructure : access rights, security policies, network architecture, etc.
  • A digital signage solution that’s able to supervise and manage interactive displays
  • Instant display of urgent messages and alerts
  • Centralized management of all hardware and software


Use cases of digital signage for healthcare


  • Directional signage : guidance to departments and consultation centers
  • Instant display of urgent messages and alerts
  • Display of health and safety information
  • Display of news, weather and information relating to the healthcare establishment in waiting rooms
  • Touch screen terminals dedicated to teams: access to HR resources and information