Digital signage in Enterprises

Internal communication is a major challenge for every organization. Digital signage enables easy and effective broadcast of messages to all employees in the company.   In reception areas, hallways, living spaces, etc., digital signage allows you to reach everyone. With its ergonomic web interface, Media4Display allows you to broadcast personalized multimedia content remotely and in real time to your screens around the world.   Easy to use and connected to your IT system, Media4Display allows you to automatically broadcast your internal indicators, a live speech, or an alert.

Main objectives


Thanks to digital communication, you can broadcast information to your visitors and employees at all of your company’s locations.


Engage your employees by informing them of the company’s financial, economic, social, ethical and cultural targets and results.

Enhance your company’s image

With digital signage, give your company a modern image using attractive multimedia content and eliminate the use of paper displays.



  • Rank content according to importance
  • Involve various contributors in content management
  • Centralize and schedule content distribution
  • Inform and train your personnel
  • Display urgent information on the entire network of screens
  • Display information on touch screens and manage interactivity
Use cases


  • Standardize internal communications at all of your company’s locations/sites (reception hall, waiting room, meeting room, cafeteria - restaurant, elevator, production site, headquarters, branches, etc.)
  • Communicate in real time about company news
  • Enhance the image and energize workspaces by installing information screens
  • Display alert messages in crisis situations
  • Train employees by broadcasting tutorials