Digitalization for bank and insurance branches

Communicate securely and in real time on the screens in your network of branches, whether these screens are located in a window display, at the reception desk or in waiting rooms.

Main objectives

Improve the experience for clients and employees

Inform your clients and ensure product/service promotions in window displays, at the reception desk or in waiting rooms. Inform your employees about company news by distributing your internal communications campaigns on screens located in break rooms, cafeterias, meeting spaces, etc.

Increase sales

Increase your sales by broadcasting attractive content on your dynamic digital signage places at strategic locations in your branches.



  • Broadcast content on all types of screens
  • Display identical or customized content on a large number of screens
  • Integrate data extracted from CRM/ERP/BI/etc. systems into displays in real time
  • A technical back office that meets the sector’s security and performance requirements
  • Possibility of customizing each branch’s communications
  • Management of kiosks and touch screens
Use cases


  • Broadcast national communications campaigns
  • Add specific content depending on point of sale or branch
  • Standardize, monitor and ensure communications with the entire network of branches
  • Inform clients through interactive tablet-based kiosks
  • Keep employees informed/trained
  • Personalize the content displayed according to a customer’s profile