Internal communications software

"Transform your employees’ workstations into internal communications channels"

Organizations need to stay in touch with their employees and make sure they don’t miss any important information.


Employees are inundated with a variety of means of communication and sources: intranet, e-mails, collaborative tools, etc. Internal communication often gets lost in this flow of data, causing employees to overlook important and urgent information.


The Channels solution allows you to communicate this information to employees, directly on their computer, without changing their work habits.

Channels - Functionality


Send information pop-ups to workstations; by clicking the link, employees can access information pages, documents and applications

Lock screen

Send important messages in a visual and extremely effective way, knowing that they will be seen many times a day – Cybersecurity, CSR, etc.


Use the background on workstations to keep employees informed or convey a corporate image internally and externally


Alert your employees and send your priority or urgent messages to workstations in real time



Optimize the use of your workstations while they’re not in use by transforming them into digital signage screens

Why Channels?

Communicate with your employees, wherever they are

At the office, when working from home or whilst traveling



Targeted broadcast of your communications for maximum effectiveness (department, localization, etc.)


Instantness and planning

Reach your employees in real-time or schedule your communication



Use several channels depending on requirements, importance, and urgency of message



Transparent for users

No change in work habits or training required. Rapid ROI.


For who?

Many departments need to get important messages across



Important, detailed information on the intranet, the company network or collaborative solutions


Reminder of best practice - cybersecurity, new tools and alerts, network problems, cyber attacks, etc.

General resources

Building information, energy saving, new methods and CSR policy

Marketing - Sales

New product launches, information about new offers, promotions and events


Strategic messages, organizational changes, crisis communications


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