Instant Reservations with QR Codes

In Meeting4Display, a dedicated QR code is generated for each configured resource. These QR codes, conveniently placed in front of each relevant space, allow for instant reservations. No time wasted. No more interruptions during a meeting because a room was forgotten to be booked! With Meeting4Display, eliminate unnecessary delays and increase productivity for tasks that truly matter!

Effortless Booking with QR Codes

In the Meeting4Display administration console, a QR code is automatically assigned to each workspace created, whether a meeting room or an office. The mobile application is then required to scan the QR code of the desired workspace, enabling quick reservation and/or status verification.


View the name of the space


Prenez facilement connaissance de la disponibilité ou de l'indisponibilité de l'espace



Get all the information on the desired workspace: room capacity, category, location


Swiftly book for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes, or specify your precise timeframe

Last-Minute Reservation


Forgot to pre-book a workspace before arriving at the office? No worries with Meeting4Display! Take out your smartphone, scan the QR code on the desk or at the entrance of the targeted meeting room, choose the duration through predefined options, or opt for a customized slot as needed, and you're done!

Authentication and Synchronization of Your Reservations


To reserve a workspace via a QR code, the Meeting4Display Mobile application must be used. This method ensures authenticated reservations, allowing immediate synchronization with your personal calendar and providing complete visibility of your reservations. This is not the case for actions performed directly from the touch screen. Therefore, Meeting4Display reservation touch screens now display the QR code associated with the relevant workspace. In front of a room with a screen, you can choose to make an on-the-fly reservation directly from the screen without authentication or use your smartphone to scan the QR code and maintain a history of your reservations.


You want to optimize your workspaces and make your employees' life easier?

Green and Economical Reservation Without Installation Constraints

Beyond the authentication benefit, implementing QR codes can be an exciting alternative to limit hardware investment, save energy costs, reduce environmental impact, and overcome installation barriers in spaces where setting up connected equipment (connectors, fixing support, etc.) might be challenging.


Reservation tablets can be prioritized for frequently used spaces where a clear display of ongoing and upcoming meetings is essential. At the same time, QR codes can be an exciting choice for secondary rooms or work bubbles. Similarly, open-access office spaces (flex office) do not necessarily require an individual tablet for each desk.


The QR code can be a simple and equally effective alternative. Reservations made this way are always synchronized with your Outlook calendar. This solution optimizes material costs, installation expenses, and energy consumption.




Web app available for both Android and iOS.


Instantly reserve the workspace in front of you.


Our application's ergonomics aim for simplicity and efficient use.


No wiring, no support, just a simple printed sticker, and reservation is guaranteed!


The web app operates in authenticated mode, automatically attributing your reservations to your calendar.


All information entered via the mobile application is automatically synchronized with your calendar and reservation touch screens when applicable.


An alternative to reservation screens.

Meeting4Display is also


Calendar/Outlook Add-on


Booking Screens


Mobile App