Smart building

Book a room or office suited to your needs, manage bookings when traveling, find your way in a building, view current meetings and report an incident... there are many workspace management issues. With Meeting4Display, avoid meeting room or office booking conflicts: find an available workspace, check its equipment, book it instantly and see where to find it.



  • Book meeting rooms on the fly with the booking screen
  • Easily identify available or occupied rooms
  • Find rooms according to the equipment and services available
  • Digital signage widgets: building map, status of workspaces
  • Touch screen kiosk: find and view the rooms available
  • Book workspaces from a smartphone with the mobile app


Use cases


  • Flex office: From your smartphone: view available locations and book them instantly
  • Book workspaces on the fly with booking screens placed in front of the meeting rooms
  • Flex office: Installation of touch-screen kiosks for booking offices: view the available locations on a dynamic map and book in real time
  • Reception hall: visitor and employee guidance by displaying the building map and status of the workspaces
  • Display the list of in-progress and scheduled meetings on a floor
  • Inform visitors and employees of in-progress and scheduled meetings