Workspace Management


"Simplify your workspace bookings"


Meeting4Display is a workspace booking and management solution: meeting roomsflex office desks, huddle rooms, open spaces, etc.


Accessible via smartphone, from booking screens or through your messaging system, Meeting4Display allows you to easily and simply book workspaces.


The software can be synchronized with ExchangeOffice 365 or Google Workspace (G Suite). Its light and scalable infrastructure means it can be used to equip sites with a few rooms or offices with several hundred.

Meeting4Display - Functionality

Outlook add-on

Search for a room based on requirements or available equipment directly through your messaging system

Mobile application

Directly book a workspace (office or meeting room) from your smartphone

Booking screen

Enable search and booking of workspaces on a touch screen

Flex office

Book your room or desk from the application, your messaging system or by scanning the QR code on the desired desk

Digital signage

Display list of upcoming meetings, room plans and the real-time status of workspaces on your digital signage screens


Meeting4Display connects to messaging systems including Exchange, Office 365 and Google Calendar (Google Workspace)

Concierge service

From the room, report incidents or send service requests using the concierge service function


Monitor room occupancy rates. Analyze and organize your locations according to real usage

Why Meeting4Display?

Save time

Avoid spending minutes searching for an available location that meets your needs: indicate your criteria, select a location, and book!


Optimize your office space and rethink your locations

Do your teams mix office and remote work? Set up flex-office working and increase the number of collaborative spaces thanks to Meeting4Display.


Multi-channel experience

Use Meeting4Display from your PC or your mobile, from a booking screen or a kiosk.



In addition to its complete integration with messaging systems, Meeting4Display is compatible with the main display manufacturers.




Smart Building and Smart Office

Meeting4Display is an integral part of your SmartBuilding and Smart Office strategy.


Coupled with our Media4Display digital signage solution, you have a unique platform to inform, guide and facilitate your employees’ daily activities.



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