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Workspace management software

With our meeting room reservation software, you can effortlessly search and book the workspace that meets your needs whenever and wherever you need it. Check availability, maximum capacity, and existing amenities, and send your invitation in just a few clicks, whether from your computer or mobile device.


Searching for a meeting room for an upcoming meeting or any other workspace to settle into during an on-site visit is a crucial and necessary step in managing daily office life. However, it's often a problematic stage leading to unnecessary time loss.


Meeting4Display simplifies office presence by offering a simple and quick multi-device solution to view all available spaces that match your requirements (size, equipment, location) for a desired time slot.


Booking a workspace is often a real challenge to ensure you have the desired associated services and to ensure the proper dissemination of information to all attendees.


Meeting4Display simplifies office life by providing a suitable solution whether you are on-site, at home, or on the go. You can reserve the workspace that suits you best for your next meeting in advance or on the fly. The solution allows you to add desired associated services and communicate with all your guests, including integrating a photo of the room or a floor plan to facilitate their arrival.

Room and Desk Booking as You Like


Calendar/Outlook Add-on


Room Booking Screens


Mobile App


QR code


Multiple buildings with numerous floors? It can be challenging to navigate unfamiliar premises. Getting to a room for your next meeting can be a real challenge!


Meeting4Display streamlines movement within the premises by offering the addition of images associated with your rooms (photos of the layout, floor plan, etc.), shared in invitations. Moreover, coupling the reservation solution with digital signage lets you display your building's floor plan, room locations, status, and ongoing meetings in real-time.

Workspace management with Meeting4Display

Add-on et système de réservation

Add-on Outlook


Search for a room according to its needs and available equipment directly from your email system

Application mobile de gestion et réservation d'espaces de travail

Mobile application


Book a workspace (office or meeting room) directly from your smartphone

Tablette de réservation à l'entrée de vos salles

Reservation screen


Allow consultation and reservation of a workspace from a touch screen

Flex office et système de réservation

Flex office


Book your office from the application, your email system, or by scanning the QR code on the desired office

Ecran d'affichage dynamique et système de réservation

Digital signage


Display on your digital signage screens the list of upcoming meetings, the room map, the real-time status of workspaces

Connecteurs et systèmes de réservation



Meeting4Display connects to Exchange, Office 365 and Google Workspace email systems

Concierge service


From a room, report an incident or request a service with the concierge function

Statistiques et reporting d'occupation d'espace de travail



Follow the occupancy rates of your rooms and offices. Analyze and organize your spaces according to actual usage

Why a workspace management software ?

Save time

With Meeting4Display as your workspace management software, avoid searching for a space that is available and adapted to your needs: indicate your criteria, select the space, reserve it!

Book on all your devices

Use Meeting4Display from your PC, your mobile, your tablet or on a reservation screen placed at the entrance of the office or room.

Find the right space easily

Meeting4Display is an integral part of your Smart Building and Smart Office strategy. Thanks to its display on the reservation screens, you can see at a glance the occupancy status of the room.

Combined with our Media4Display digital signage solution, you have a unique platform to inform, guide and facilitate the daily life of your employees.


In addition to its complete integration with messaging systems, the workspace management softwareMeeting4Display is compatible with the major display manufacturers

Optimize your m² and rethink your spaces

Your teams mix office and telework: implement flex-office and increase collaborative spaces with Meeting4Display.

Follow the booking statistics thanks to the Meeting4Display interface and optimize the m² of your workspaces.



Utilisation d'un logiciel de réservation de salles de réunion et bureaux

A powerful workspace management software interface

Interface de logiciel de réservation de salles de réunions et bureaux


With a simple and ergonomic interface, you can use your smartphone or personal tablet to easily book your workspace.

Our room reservation software also includes a messaging system add-on for an equally simple reservation on PC

A display on your tablets at the entrance of your rooms for an on-the-fly reservation.

Thanks to Meeting4Display, scan a QR code placed on the desk or at the entrance of the room to be able to book it instantly.


You want to optimize your workspaces and make your employees' life easier?

They use Meeting4Display for their workspace management






Avis d'un logiciel de réservation de salles de réunion

Pre-sales technician

« A simple software to deploy and easy to maintain. Requires few internal resources for deployment if you are accompanied by a Telelogos certified audiovisual integrator. The solution exists in a Cloud version, which is even easier to set up. »

Technical Manager

« The Meeting4Display workspace management software is very easy to learn and allows you to easily manage a large number of meeting rooms »



Digital project manager

« The link with the Media4Display digital signage software that allows the display of different reservations on screens is an advantage of the software. »



Connect your rooms to your workspace management software

Meeting4Display allows you to connect your workspaces to your messaging system and thus book your office or room directly from your messaging system. You can also find the slots with the workspaces you have reserved in your schedule within your email system.

Logiciel de réservation de salles compatible avec Google Workplace

Logiciel de réservation de salles compatible avec Office 365

Logiciel de réservation de salles compatible avec Microsoft Exchange

Everything you need to know about the workspace management with Telelogos

How does Telelogos help you with your room reservation project?

Adapting the solution to each context

The implementation of workspace reservation and management solutions is an increasingly critical project for our customers. It is therefore essential to respond perfectly to the needs formulated by the customer because each project is unique.


Support over the long term

Our support, allows us to accompany you during the deployment and the parameterization. When the software evolves or when you have new specific needs, our support team is also there to help you set up new features for better management and optimized reservation of your workspaces.


Provide training for more independence

For more independence our support can also train you on the different aspects of the software, from the most basic to the most advanced functions.



Is Meeting4Display available in license or SaaS mode?

Both, you can purchase the Meeting4Display solution in Cloud mode, for more flexibility, maximum accessibility and easy upgrades and maintenance. But also in license mode, for more control, better management and security in accordance with your internal processes.

How is the administration of workspaces done within the software?

Thanks to Meeting4Display and its easy-to-use back-office, you can find all available rooms, modify their characteristics and equipment, easily access their occupancy statistics and finally administer, supervise and configure the touch screens.

Does Meeting4Display allow the implementation of hybrid work in a company?

Yes, thanks to Meeting4Display software, you can set up hybrid work and give your employees complete freedom to reserve workspaces from home or from their offices.