Digital signage for Education

Media4Display makes it possible to compose and distribute multimedia content displayed on screens installed around your campus, university or school.

Main objectives


Energize your information points and communicate in real time to students, staff, professors and visitors.

Enhance your establishment’s image

Give your establishment an innovative and modern image using attractive multimedia content.



  • Distribute multimedia content on all campus screens
  • Standardize communication on all sites in the establishment
  • Provide access to several contributors to update contents
  • Distribute information in real time, simultaneously, on all or part of the campus’ screens
  • Display information on touch screens and manage interactivity
Use cases


  • Communicate to teaching personnel, students, etc. agendas, schedules, absences, internship offers, conferences, seminars, etc.
  • Present the training seminars and events that shape the life of the campus or the school
  • Guide students, personnel and professors in the various buildings
  • Display alerts (evacuations, warnings, etc.)