Digital signage at Points-of-Sale

Digital signage has become an indispensable communication tool for retailers. In addition to driving a modern image at the point-of-sale, it enables real-time communication in stores and the ability to change messages at any time.

Media4Display goes above and beyond by enabling interaction with your IT system or with external events. You can contextualize your messages and content depending on geographical location, stock or even the weather.

Main objectives

Improve the customer experience

Communicate with your customers and promote your products/services with digital signage in the shop window, on the shelves at the end of aisles, at your point-of-sale cash registers and in waiting and reception rooms at your branches.

Increase sales

Increase your sales by broadcasting attractive content on your dynamic digital signage screens placed at strategic locations at your points-of-sale and in your branches.

Control your communication

Update your prices and display your offers and promotions in real time.



  • Display content on all types of screens
  • Display identical or customized content on a large number of screens
  • Integrate data extracted from CRM/ERP/BI/etc. systems into displays in real time
  • Enable local content customization
  • Distribute different messages according to the place and time (seasons, hours of the day, sales periods, etc.).
  • Measure content distribution statistics
  • Optimize flow management with autonomous players that are synchronized periodically
  • Display content and manage interaction on touch screens
Use cases


  • Distribute multimedia content to a network of cash register screens
  • Update offers and prices in real time
  • Contextualize content according to the weather, a time slot, etc.
  • Broadcast national communications campaigns
  • Add specific content depending on point of sale or branch
  • Standardize, control and communicate with the entire network of points-of-sale or branches
  • Inform clients/customers through interactive tablet-based kiosks
  • Keep employees informed/trained
  • Personalize the content displayed according to a client/customer’s profile