Management of players and digital signage screens

Players and digital signage screens have become strategic equipment. They are generally spread across the whole country, are often difficult to access and lack local maintenance resources. To avoid ‘black screen’ syndrome, malfunctions and security problems, it is essential to have a Device Management solution. The solution must allow the management and maintenance of this equipment’s critical elements, their security and enable action to be taken remotely at any time.



  • Deployment and updating of software, updating of fonts, etc.
  • Scheduling and program launch: Powershell, Script, system command, etc.
  • Remote control/repair
  • Hardware inventory, software, register keys, file properties, etc.
  • Remote control/repair of devices
  • Hardware/software supervision, alarms and triggering of corresponding actions
  • Checking connections and networks, the battery, memory, CPU, etc.
  • Security Management: Security Management: Control (anti-virus, applications, firewall, etc.), blocking USB Ports, application kiosk, activating/blocking system updates, etc.
  • Data transfer and synchronization
  • Data extraction: execution of SQL queries, script, web services and file generation


Use cases


  • Deployment of new software on players, new fonts, etc.
  • Updating of versions already deployed of any type of software and scheduling the installation (during the night, when the device restarts, at a specific time, etc.)
  • Managing screens through RS232/RJ45 command execution on the device to impose settings on the screen (source/volume/contrast, etc.)
  • Supervision: If a threshold is set close to drive saturation, automatic purge of obsolete files
  • On touchscreens or tablets, implementation of a kiosk mode limiting access to the operating system and only leaving the authorized applications and settings accessible
  • Blocking access to USB ports to secure screens and players
  • Automatic extraction of data from a database or a business application, to view this data in real time on a digital dashboard