MediaContact/MediaTransfer – Embedded systems synchronization software

MediaContact and MediaTransfer control, synchronize and update embedded systems (terminals, automated devices, distributors, etc.) equipped with a Windows or Android Operating System. They automate the synchronization of files and databases and ensure the security, optimization and traceability of exchanges between embedded systems and management servers.

Main objectives

Control the operating costs of the embedded systems inventory

MediaContact automates all types of actions necessary for embedded systems (installation, update of application monitoring, etc.). In this way it reduces onsite intervention and increases the availability of the embedded solutions (terminals, automated devices, distributors, screens, etc.). The embedded systems inventory is therefore under supervision 24/7.

Managing data synchronization

Communications play an essential role in an M2M/IoT project. MediaContact optimizes data exchanges through all types of network integrating powerful compression, differential synchronizations and recovery at point of failure mechanisms, etc.



  • Collection of data from automated device networks
  • Distribution of information to automated devices
  • Online distribution of software, applications, updates, patches, etc.
  • Supervision and checking of the status of embedded systems and alarm feedback
  • Supervision of system events (logins, event logs, network levels, etc.)
  • Optimization and traceability of communications

Use cases


  • Administration of ATMs, vending machines and fuel pumps
  • Management of interactive terminal and connected screen networks
  • Management of onboard systems in vehicles