Digital signage of reservations thanks to meeting roombooking screens

With our solution for meeting room reservation screens, efficiently manage your meeting rooms' availability while simplifying your colleagues' daily routine. The screens allow you to instantly view the status of the space, display details of the ongoing meeting if applicable, release the room in advance, or extend your reservation with just one click. Additionally, you can instantly reserve the space if it's available or even another room if the current one is not.


Easy reservation with touchscreen displays

The Meeting4Display application on touchscreen displays works on a wide range of screens, all previously certified by Telelogos, to ensure optimal functionality. The interface makes it easy to view available equipment/services for the respective room and its reservation schedule (upcoming meeting and timeline for the day).

Icone information vert Meeting4Display


See room capacity, available equipment, and services



Quickly find and reserve an available room



Book a meeting for 15, 30, or 60 minutes or a specific date and duration.

Système de conciergerie de solution de réservation de salles


From a room, report an incident or request a service using the concierge function.

Increased visibility of room status with LED banners




Telelogos-certified screens all feature bright and colorful LEDs that immediately indicate the room's occupancy status.


Red - Occupied : Avoid wasted time and unnecessary interruptions by quickly identifying reserved time slots. 


Orange - Temporarily Available : The interface adopts an orange hue to indicate temporary availability (specific duration before the start of the next meeting - configurable by the administrator). Need to isolate for a quick call? This room is for you! Looking for a room for a longer meeting? Don't waste time trying to reserve it! 


Green - Available : The room is ready to be booked for your meeting or work session—clear signage for immediate use. 

Easy reservation, modification, and cancellation of a meeting

On-the-fly reservation


Thanks to the color indicators on the touchscreen, instantly visualize the room's status. If available, you can make a reservation directly in front of the room using the "+" button on the screen. The intuitive interface allows you to choose the time slot that suits you.

Once validated, your reservation appears instantly on the touchscreen and in the room's calendar, accessible from internal messaging or the mobile app, ensuring clear and immediate visibility for all users.

By clicking On the same "+" button, you can modify the default time (default: current time for instant reservation) to make an advanced reservation.

QR code


To enable authenticated reservations, your touchscreen interface now has a QR code associated with the respective room. By scanning this QR code from the mobile app, you can make an instant, authenticated reservation, easily track all reservations, and see them in your agenda, unlike an "on-the-fly" reservation made directly from the touchscreen and not attributable.

Modification, cancellation


When a meeting is in progress, the touchscreen allows you to easily and quickly modify its duration. A simple click on the dedicated button will extend your reservation for a predetermined duration: 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes, according to your needs (provided, of course, the room is available). It is also possible to shorten your meeting just as quickly or even altogether cancel it, making the room available for reservation again.

Find Another Available Room Nearby


The room you wanted is already occupied? Search from its touchscreen for another available room to finalize your reservation. The interface allows you to view the maximum occupancy of each room and available equipment.




Reserving from the touchscreen allows you to activate the privacy option if necessary.


Easily hide the subject of your meeting from your colleagues to ensure the confidentiality of the discussion.


You want to optimize your workspaces and make your employees' life easier?

Optimize the Use of Your Spaces


Put an end to ghost meetings and unnecessarily blocked rooms. An option allows making attendance confirmation mandatory at the beginning of a meeting to avoid unnecessarily blocking a space. The administrator determines a sensible duration. For example, is there no confirmation within the first 15 minutes after the scheduled start of the meeting? The room is automatically released!

Additionally, raise awareness among your colleagues about the importance of releasing the room for reservation if they leave earlier than planned. A simple click on the screen allows them to end the reservation in advance when leaving the premises.


Integrated Concierge Service/Incident Reporting


The concierge module integrated into our touchscreen interface lets you quickly report equipment-related requests for your room.

Need to change a light bulb? Poor internet network quality? The information will be automatically transmitted to the relevant service in just a few clicks.

Similarly, you can request services to optimize your room setup or ensure the comfort of your guests (water bottles, coffee, etc.) according to the parameters determined by your company.




Effective Communication

In addition to the simple reservation interface, our Meeting4Display solution, combined with the dynamic signage software Media4Display, will transform your reservation screens into real internal communication supports. Easily activate the "idle loop" function that allows you to broadcast predetermined content on your screens after a certain period of inactivity. Take advantage of your screens to disseminate internal communication messages. The reservation interface automatically reappears at the touch of the screen.


Centralized Screen Management

Regardless of the number of screens in your organization or their location, with Meeting4Display, management is centralized and simplified. The administrator console allows remote management. Easily add new screens, remotely check the status of each, and apply specific settings. Define operating hours based on the presence of your colleagues on the premises.


From the console, it's also possible to personalize your screens by adding the company logo (top left) and deciding whether to display the QR code associated with the room.


Finally, it's possible to create "room profiles" to make features such as on-the-fly reservations, concierge service, and reservation confirmation at the beginning of a meeting, accessible or not from touchscreen displays.



Instantly view the availability of a meeting room


Free up reserved but unoccupied spaces


Full integration with messaging systems (Google Workspace, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange)


PoE power supply


Displayed information immediately syncs with your calendar and mobile app


Full integration and compatibility with major display manufacturers.


Access details of the ongoing or upcoming meeting


Monitor all your screens from the admin interface

Meeting4Display is also


Calendar/Outlook Add-on


Mobile App


QR code

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