Alert software 

Critical incidents require immediate information dissemination.

Channels alert software allows for instant, targeted, and efficient communication. The alert takes priority over any ongoing activity, displaying a pop-up in the center of the screen. Unmissable, it requires an acknowledgment from the employee before resuming their activity.

With Channels, ensure the proper dissemination of information to handle emergencies with more serenity!

Alert software for all uses


Regardless of your field of activity, your company and your employees can be confronted, at any time, with a crisis.
Channels allow instant and unmissable dissemination of alerts, regardless of the type of incident. Whether it's a cyber attack, informing about a technical incident on your business platform, crisis communication, or even in the case of a health emergency: every critical situation deserves communication. Our alert software is your ally for a quick and coordinated response.

Cyber attacks and cybersecurity

Channels alert software is particularly well-suited to address cybersecurity issues. No matter how secure your company's network may be, it can still be compromised today. In the event of an incident or potential threat, simply broadcasting an alert to the relevant employees allows instant transmission of the security measures through a distinct/secure channel.

Communication also informs your employees that your IT department is working towards returning to normalcy. This leads to a drastic reduction in calls/tickets to technical support, allowing them to focus on their primary task: problem resolution.

Institutional crisis situation

Enterprise alert software can address institutional crises such as public relations crises, scandals, or urgent institutional communication needs (product recalls, reputation concerns, alarming results, etc.). It is crucial to communicate clearly with various stakeholders and key actors, as well as with all employees who may have a role to play in the communication and image of your company during such situations.


Our Channels alert software allows for rapid and efficient dissemination of alert messages to the entire staff, informing them quickly about the situation and providing safety instructions, messaging guidance, or other necessary actions already implemented or to be implemented. This communication channel can be particularly useful for companies with a strong media presence that require a quick response during a media crisis.

Technical incidents and infrastructure failures

During an operational incident, a production incident, or simply a power outage, ensuring a quick response is essential to minimize the impact and guarantee operational continuity. An alert software enables IT, technical, or maintenance teams to notify the operating staff about the ongoing incident and provide instructions or maintenance timelines on the affected workstations. Using this dedicated channel, you can inform the impacted individuals about the situation's status without risking them missing the information amidst their other daily priorities. Keep them updated at each necessary step or frequency and avoid unnecessary calls to the support service. This allows the support team to focus on their primary task: resolving the ongoing incident.

External threats and security

With our alert software, keep your employees informed in case of a security issue. With just one click, alert your colleagues in the event of a fire, building intrusion, severe weather alert, major institutional event (crisis, bad buzz, etc.), and more. Ensure your message reaches all the relevant employees and is immediately seen.


Our alert software enables effective communication from managers to employees for quick and efficient maintenance. Managers can easily alert teams about upcoming and ongoing maintenance tasks through a simple and intuitive interface. Employees receive real-time and unmissable alerts to be informed about any upcoming maintenance and anticipate it in their workday if necessary. Inform them about the maintenance progress as needed and the return to normalcy. Our alert software makes maintenance more transparent for everyone, improving performance.

Why Choose Channels for Your Alert Software

A critical situation can arise at any time. No matter how prepared you are, some situations are unpredictable yet require quick and impactful communication. Equipping yourself with alert software is a step towards anticipating and managing these risky situations.

A Dedicated Channel for Alerting

Our alert software provides a dedicated and specific communication channel for critical situations. In such circumstances, free yourself from relying on emails or other internal messaging systems. These conventional communication channels tend to lose reliability during crises. Channels, being separate from your internal network, will continue to function even in the event of technical incidents or attacks on your network, ensuring communication remains uninterrupted when traditional channels may be compromised.


Moreover, centralizing all your alerts on a single platform ensures better responsiveness in case of emergencies. No need to search for the right phone number or email address of the person to contact during a crisis. With just a few clicks, you can alert all your employees or target specific individuals, regardless of location. With our alert solution, you can be confident that your message will be quickly disseminated and received, providing updates on the situation and the necessary actions to be taken.

Unmissable Alerts

With Channels, no one can overlook alerts. They appear at the center of the screen, taking precedence over all open programs and ongoing activities. Acknowledgment (clicking on the cross) is required to return to normal activities, allowing the sender to verify that the alert has been received and read.


Additionally, a single click is all it takes to reach all your employees, whether on-site, traveling, or working remotely. No one is left out! You can also choose a specific target if you only want to communicate with certain individuals.


Instant Alerts

Time is a critical factor in emergencies—every second counts in quickly informing teams and enabling them to take necessary actions. Our alert software sends instantaneous messages to all relevant recipients, whether at their workplace, traveling, or at home—no need to wait for information to be manually transmitted or for the employee to check their email. Channels allow for immediate responsiveness and effective management of emergencies.

Immediate ROI

For all these reasons, equipping yourself with an alert solution will enable you to respond appropriately and effectively when needed. In a crisis, every second counts. Proper dissemination of information will save you valuable time. Avoid unnecessary calls flooding the support service. All your employees will gain efficiency by focusing on their primary tasks.

A Reliable and Central Source of Information

Enterprise alert software creates a trusted point of reference for employees in times of emergency. During a crisis, employees need reliable and centralized information to act safely. The enterprise alert software provides this unique and reliable source of information to coordinate all incident-related communications, ensuring consistency. Beyond efficiency, this reassures employees and provides them with the information required to act effectively.

Distribution to Workstations

The alert software also enables message distribution to all workstations, ensuring quick and efficient receipt of alerts.


On the sender's side, there's no need to know the person's identity at a workstation (on-call team, operators on production lines, cashiers, dock workers, etc.). With Channels, it targets the workstation itself.


On the recipient's side, there's no need to check their email or any other internal messaging system; the push message automatically appears on their screen.


Employees can be informed on their active workstations about ongoing events and the necessary actions. This direct distribution also allows for better information traceability and faster alert management, avoiding information loss and communication errors.


Availability at All Times

Channels is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) offering. Hosted by us on an Azure server (Microsoft) in France, our alert solution is always available to administrators and users. Even if your internal IT infrastructure is out of service or unavailable indefinitely, Channels can still be accessed via the Internet, allowing you to publish an alert regarding the incident. Likewise, your employees can receive the alert if they have internet access.

A powerful alerting interface



Through the Channels interface, customize your alerts with ease. Whether it's simple text, imported images, or links, you can make your message visually appealing and clear to capture your employees' attention.

Easily select your audience from a preconfigured list of target groups, ensuring your alerts reach the right people.

Channels allow you to plan your communications, enabling instant delivery for unparalleled emergency responsiveness. With just a few clicks, you can prepare your message, select the target audience, and send it immediately, ensuring that the relevant individuals receive your message immediately.

Channels allow you to plan your communications, enabling instant delivery for unparalleled emergency responsiveness. With just a few clicks, you can prepare your message, select the target audience, and send it immediately, ensuring that the relevant individuals receive your message immediately.


Track the statistics of each internal communication message using the Channels software. Gain insights into deliverability and click rates for your communications. Verify receipt and acknowledgment of messages directly from your admin interface.

You can utilize Single Sign-On (SSO) to access the Channels administration console. You don't need to remember a new password; you can log in using your session credentials. Once SSO is configured for your organization, you simply need to declare users (or user groups) who can distribute communications to your employees.

Channels is a user-friendly software allowing multiple departments to collaborate and independently distribute their communications.


You can create multiple accounts for content creators and define access rules for each account to limit their usage to specific channels. Each account will have its associated password unless Single Sign-On (SSO) is configured for your organization.

The Channels admin interface provides access to the complete history of your communications. You can review what has been communicated, through which channels (alert, push notification, etc.), and to which target audience. Organize them based on priority using the dashboard to track the distribution statistics of your most important messages.

Additional Features to Enhance Your Internal Communication Needs


The Channels alerting tool also allows you to communicate with your employees through three other channels, which can be chosen based on the urgency and objective of your communications, as well as for a comprehensive communication plan (ensuring communication follow-up, recurring information, using different formats for more significant impact, etc.). With Channels, Alert, Inform, and Engage your employees!



Send informative pop-ups to employees' workstations. Add visuals and/or links for more impact and to disseminate broader information. Employees can access information pages, documents, surveys, or applications by clicking the link.



Easily update and centrally manage the wallpaper on your employees' workstations. The wallpaper can be useful for disseminating recurring informational messages to employees, but most importantly, it ensures consistency and a corporate image both internally and externally.

Lock screen


Effectively communicate important messages visually without disrupting your employees' work habits - such as cybersecurity, corporate social responsibility (CSR), etc. This screen is seen numerous times throughout the day but is rarely utilized.


Are you looking to improve your alerting processes within your organization?

They are using our alerting and communication software.





Avis d'un logiciel d'alerte

BUT client de notre logiciel d'alerte

Gilles Gaillardon
Micro-Network Technician

« The Channels internal communication tool improves the connection between users and their IT department. This communication power is simple, fast, and without delays on their work tools. It enables users to be more responsive and the IT department to be more proactive in dealing with potential incidents. »


Since implementing the Channels alerting solution, support calls have been reduced by 75% when a problem occurs. In the event of a technical incident or maintenance on the business application, BUT's IT service sends an alert to all affected workstations, providing information about the issue, resolution timelines, and necessary actions.

Logo MACC client du logiciel d'alerte Channels

Florian Maquet
Information systems

« We have implemented Channels, which has allowed MACC to improve communication and cohesion among our field teams, simplify our internal communication processes, increase efficiency through real-time alert distribution, and engage our sales teams in the field. »



MACC uses the alert feature to inform teams quickly about identified problems, avoiding numerous support calls. Additionally, MACC regularly communicates with its field teams through notifications and lock screens to engage them in ongoing sales challenges.


All you need to know about our alert solution

How does Telelogos support you in your internal communication optimization projects?

Long-term support

Implementation projects for internal communication tools are critical for our clients. It is, therefore, essential to perfectly meet the needs expressed by the client for each internal communication project.

Our support team assists with the deployment and configuration of our software. In case of software updates or new specific requirements from your side, our support team is also available to assist you in implementing new features for improved communication and configuration.


Training for greater independence

For enhanced independence, our support team can also provide training on various aspects of the Channels' internal alert and communication software, ranging from basic functionalities to advanced features.

Is Channels available as a SaaS solution?

Our alert and notification software is a cloud-based solution, offering greater flexibility, maximum accessibility, and simplified upgrades and maintenance.

Is it possible to access an alert after it has been sent?

Yes, thanks to the configuration of the distribution window, alerts and other messages sent through Channels can be viewed by employees upon their return if they were not connected at the time of the initial distribution.

Is it possible to prepare alerts in advance?

Yes, Channels allows you to:

  • Save fully configured alerts (visual, text, target audience, distribution date, etc.) for automatic distribution in planned critical situations.
  • Save alerts to be manually distributed in case of emergencies or needs.