Employee engagement software

Enhancing employee engagement is a priority that no company should overlook. It's a well-known fact: engaged employee is more committed to their daily tasks. Another undeniable truth is that effective internal communication can easily influence this engagement.

The Channels software, dedicated to enhancing your internal communication, allows you to connect with all your teams, wherever they may be, without disrupting their work habits.

Internal Communication Software for Boosting Employee Engagement


Regardless of your industry, improving internal communication is a surefire way to elevate employee engagement. Channels is a user-friendly solution that can be seamlessly implemented. It caters to various departments, including management, HR, and IT, enabling effective communication with all teams—whether in real-time or through planned messaging. Through its multiple communication channels, our internal communication software, Channels, serves as your ally in addressing everyday challenges.

Surveys and feedbacks

The software facilitates the distribution of surveys, enabling feedback collection by incorporating clickable links into notifications sent directly to each workstation or mobile. This functionality is invaluable for gathering employees' opinions on various subjects such as ongoing projects, new products, internal events, internal processes, or even their well-being at work. It's a simple way to ensure everyone feels involved in the company's decision-making processes.

Company activities

Our internal communication software keeps employees informed about company news. You can communicate with a few clicks, whether announcing a new contract, a product launch, an internal development, or a new tool available to employees. Channels becomes your company's voice, ensuring real-time information sharing and official communication through the most appropriate channel. Engage your employees by regularly informing them about company life and results, all without disrupting their work routines. With Channels, your messages are automatically delivered to their workstations or their mobiles. Share your strategy and clarify current priorities.

Corporate culture

With Channels, you can regularly reinforce your CSR policy by scheduling communications directly on the lock screen, visible to all, several times a day. Use occasional notifications to provide links to detailed articles that relay information about a supported association. An internal communication strategy should not only be limited to sharing company results. If you aim to foster lasting employee engagement, don't hesitate to share your values, joint projects, and causes close to your heart—integral elements of your company's identity.


Our internal communication software lets you easily and frequently inform your employees about upcoming essential dates. Employees must be up-to-date on company news, especially regarding external events (trade shows, partner meetings, etc.). Channels is also a perfect tool for communicating about your internal events targeted at employees. Simply notify them about an upcoming event or send a "Save the date" alert. Take advantage of the lock screen to remind them of the forthcoming meetings in an unmissable manner.

New Hires / Team Information

Channels is ideally suited to promptly and efficiently notify all your employees about new team members. You can extend a warm welcome message with just a few clicks, ensuring that the entire company is informed. Utilize notification channels to share general team news: congratulate colleagues on a birth or professional success, highlight notable achievements and more. With predefined targets, you can broadcast messages to the entire company or solely to relevant team members.

Dedicated Features for Your Employee Engagement

Lock Screen

Effectively communicate important messages visually and ensure they are seen multiple times a day.


Alert your colleagues and transmit real-time, priority, or urgent messages directly to their workstations.



Utilize workstation backgrounds to inform your colleagues of recurring messages or convey your corporate image internally and externally.


Send informative pop-ups to your colleagues' workstations and mobiles. They can access information pages, surveys, internal documents, or even applications by clicking on the link.

Why Choose the Channels Employee Engagement Software?

Push communications

The Channels solution operates on a push communication system for all channels. Whether it's an alert, notification, or customization of backgrounds or lock screens, your messages are pushed directly to your colleagues' workstations and displayed without interaction. Accessing essential company information is effortless.

Customizable Targeting

The Channels software allows you to tailor your internal communication messages to specific recipients. A specific department or the entire company? On workstations or mobiles ? A single floor of your building or only support functions? The choice is yours, and it's defined with a single click when communicating!

100% instant...

Whether it's an alert or a notification, your internal communication messages don't require opening to be read—they're seen as soon as they're sent!

...or scheduled

Regardless of the target or chosen channel, you can schedule the day and time of sending or the duration of internal communication message distribution.


An Efficient Employee Engagement Interface


Interface d'un logiciel de communication interne et d'alerte


Our software features a straightforward and ergonomic PC interface for managing internal communications through various channels: background, notification, alert, etc.

Directement au sein du logiciel, personnalisez vos communications internes en important vos visuels ou en personnalisant les textes et les liens selon vos besoins.

Grâce à notre logiciel de communication interne, paramétrez facilement vos cibles selon vos besoins en choisissant les postes que vous souhaitez regrouper. Vous pouvez ainsi pré-enregistrer des cibles par service, par niveau hiérarchique, par unité de production ou créer une cible pour votre société dans son entièreté.

Définissez des périodes de diffusion précises au sein de l'outil selon vos besoins. Planifiez un début et une fin de diffusion et indiquez si vos collaborateurs absents doivent recevoir votre message de communication interne à leur retour.

Suivez les statistiques de chacun de vos messages de communication interne grâce au logiciel Channels. Obtenez des informations sur la délivrabilité et les clics sur vos communications.


You want to improve your employee engagement processes ?

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Avis d'un outil de communication interne

Gilles Gaillardon
Network Technician

« The Channels internal communication software enhances the connection between users and their IT department. This communication power is simple, rapid, and immediate on their work tools. It empowers users to be more responsive and the IT department to proactively address potential incidents. »

Logo MACC client de l'outil de communication interne Channels

Florian Maquet
Director of Information Systems

« We implemented Channels, which enabled MACC to improve communication and cohesion among our field teams, simplify our internal communication processes, enhance efficiency through real-time alerts, and engage our sales teams in the field.  »

Everything You Need to Know About Our Employee Engagement Tool

How does Telelogos support your internal communication enhancement project?

Implementing internal communication tools is a critical endeavor for our clients. Perfectly addressing client needs is paramount for each internal communication project.

Long-Term Support

Our support guides deployment and setup. Whether it's software updates or new specific requirements, our support is there to assist you in implementing new features for better communication and configuration.


Is Channels Available as SaaS?

The Channels internal communication software is available in the Cloud mode for more flexibility, maximum accessibility, streamlined upgrades, and simplified maintenance.

Is Channels Available as SaaS?

The Channels internal communication software is available in the Cloud mode for more flexibility, maximum accessibility, streamlined upgrades, and simplified maintenance.

Can Notifications be Accessed After Being Sent?

Absolutely. Thanks to the Channels software, all internal communication notifications are stored in the Windows notification center. They can be deleted in the standard manner.

Moreover, the Channels mobile web app allows you to find the history of all the publications that you received.

Can Communications Be Prepared in Advance?

Yes, the Channels internal communication tool allows you to:

  • Save fully configured communications (visuals, text, target, distribution date, etc.) for automatic dissemination at the desired time.
  • Record notifications, alerts, backgrounds, and lock screens for manual distribution in emergencies or when needed.
Is it possible to communicate on smartphones (mobiles)?

Yes, the Channels tool provides a mobile application. Once the user is authenticated, this application allows you to :

  • Receive notifications (targeted, instantaneous)
  • Access the history of all publications sent to you.