Corporate culture
  • Several generations, industry-leading expertise, and compatible professional backgrounds.
  • A strong corporate culture based on transparency and ethics
  • The ambition to continue to grow quickly, but above all healthily and sustainably.
  • As software publishers, we believe the company’s wealth lies in the men and women that comprise it, who create this software every day from their intelligence and teamwork.
  • Since 2019, all of Telelogos’s salaried employees have the option to become shareholders in the company.
  • The integration of young people through the in-service training and internship programs, many of whom join the company after their training.




Well-being at Telelogos

Well-being at work

Telelogos strives to create an environment that leads to confidence, mutual respect and personal development.

Work-life balance is fundamental. Telelogos implements the measures necessary to allow employees to blossom and to foster their development:

  • Remote working charter, collaborative work mode, investment in high-quality office space, etc.
  • Telelogos encourages daily athletic activity and makes showers available to its employees for those who engage in exercise during lunchtime.
  • Telelogos also organizes internal cultural and athletic events to create connections and promote local initiatives: participation in the Festival d’Anjou, sports tournaments, etc.
Management team
Executive board
Christophe Justeau has over 30 years’ international experience in software – including 4 years in Boston/USA; he has started and developed software activities alternately within large groups – SAP, Atos, Capgemini – and agile and innovative startups – Highdeal, LMC and Telelogos.

Christophe Justeau


Christophe Billaud has spent his whole career in software. After his studies in France and the USA, he joined Telelogos to establish the international business before being entrusted with its general management. His experience of the company and its ecosystem gives him an in-depth understanding of the markets addressed by Telelogos and their transformations.

Christophe Billaud

Managing Director

Bénédicte Justeau is a specialist in the management of companies undergoing rapid growth. After her studies in Finance and HR at Sciences Po and a first experience on the financial markets, she supported the development of a service group for several years. She joined Telelogos to help the company manage its development and the execution of its strategy.

Bénédicte Justeau

Financial and administrative Director

Alexandre Gourdon is an expert in software marketing. After studying international business in France and the UK, and a first experience in software sales, he joined Telelogos to launch and develop the Digital Media business line. He is an executive member of the Digital Media Club.

Alexandre Gourdon

Sales Director

Department heads

Magali Blot

R&D Manager

Tarek Tamrane

Connected Devices Sales Manager

David Maillard

Technical Support Manager

Yves-Marie Petit

Product Marketing Manager