Preventive communication in business

While knowing how to respond during a crisis is crucial, it's equally vital to recognize that many problems can be averted altogether. This is where a powerful tool comes into play—one that facilitates seamless communication and supports proactive measures.

Enter Channels, the preventive communication software that enables you to convey critical information instantly or, according to a predetermined schedule, reaches your employees through various channels. Whether you aim to reinforce a message through repetition or deliver a singular and impactful alert, Channels has you covered.

Thanks to Channels, ensure the proper dissemination of information to all of your employees, on their workstation or mobile, to raise awareness around the themes that matter.

Elevating Internal Communication for Risk Mitigation


Our preventive communication software is meticulously crafted to cater to the specific communication needs of diverse organizations in diverse industries. From cybersecurity to environmental sustainability, health, and workplace safety, your workforce must be well-versed in best practices.

External threats and security

By leveraging internal communication software on PCs and mobiles, you can disseminate targeted messages regarding security practices—from emergency protocols for external threats such as fires to equipment utilization and maintenance, first aid procedures, and risk awareness about chemicals and the work environment. These tailored messages align seamlessly with your unique operational context.


Furthermore, you can share insights into your company's security initiatives, encouraging employees to report any potential security concerns promptly. Utilize notifications to keep your workforce informed about newly available resources or equipment. These interactive notifications lead to more comprehensive communications, enabling streamlined document sharing and swift access to the latest articles on your intranet. Additionally, the software allows easy customization of wallpapers and login screens through the administrative console—leveraging these elements as influential communication tools to bolster employee awareness on specific subjects.


Empower your organization with our internal communication software, fortifying employee safety, well-being, and confidence while safeguarding your company's reputation and operational integrity.



Environmental responsibility and social impact

In today's landscape, businesses significantly influence environmental and social matters, and employees increasingly seek transparency regarding corporate actions and values.


To this end, educating your workforce is paramount, instilling a culture of responsible actions that are integral to your company's mission and accessible to all. Enter Channels—a dynamic platform that allows you to seamlessly and powerfully disseminate your internal communications, raising employee awareness about causes that resonate.


Utilize lock screens to underscore eco-friendly practices within your premises consistently—be it water and energy conservation, waste reduction and recycling, or efficient IT equipment usage. Additionally, communicate your company's more formal endeavors, such as eco-label certifications or sustainability programs, through customized employee backgrounds. Adopt Windows notifications and mobile notifications to effortlessly apprise employees of new CSR initiatives, available resources, upcoming events, and more. By periodically engaging them in surveys, you empower your workforce to contribute ideas, fostering a continual culture of awareness and engagement.




Cyber attacks and cybersecurity

Our Channels alert and internal communication software is a tailored solution to combat cybersecurity challenges, enabling swift employee notifications during confirmed attacks and fostering a proactive approach to deter potential threats. Harness the diverse communication channels within Channels to educate your employees and cultivate a cybersecurity-first mindset. Inform them about conceivable risks, share preventive practices, and guide safeguarding company data and systems.


By heightening employee awareness of information security risks and promoting best practices, you can substantially diminish the vulnerability to cyberattacks, ensuring data protection and upholding your company's operational resilience.

Operational exellence

Experience the power of Channels in seamlessly sharing operational best practices—guiding your team through vital production steps and quality benchmarks. All effortlessly illuminate new techniques, processes, software enhancements, or performance-boosting insights. By harnessing internal communication software, you drive product and service quality, ensuring customer satisfaction with every interaction.

Tailored Channels for Your Unique Prevention Needs


Elevate your messaging with Channels, boasting four distinct communication channels tailored to your employees' diverse needs, regardless of urgency. Please select the channel that perfectly aligns with your message's significance, enabling direct communication to their workstations or mobiles without disruption or effort. Your messages will be automatically delivered, ensuring they're always in the loop!

Push Notifications

Deliver instant push notifications directly to your team's workstations and mobiles, commanding their attention while facilitating access to critical resources without disrupting their workflow.

Lock Screen Insights

Inject your team's daily routine with impactful insights by capturing their attention and reinforcing essential practices by personalizing their lock screens.


Seize control of your workstation wallpapers, shaping a canvas for your corporate messages to resonate and inspire.


Immerse your team in crucial information with alerts that take center stage, momentarily interrupting activities with an unmissable pop-up. Your team's acknowledgment paves the way for a swift return to productivity. This channel is your go-to for urgent communications!


Why Opt for Our Internal Communication Solution to Empower Prevention?

Unmissable Impact

Regardless of the chosen channel, your employees won't need to take action—no need to navigate intranets or open emails. Your communications will be effortlessly pushed directly to their workstations or mobiles.

Precision Targeting

Channels empowers you with finely-tuned targeting capabilities, allowing you to customize your audience based on specific criteria. Engage entire departments, individual teams, or designated individuals based on geographic location, role, PCs or mobiles and more. Every message finds its mark.

Instant or scheduled communications

Our internal communication software adapts to your needs, offering real-time or scheduled delivery. Choose to send your message or time it perfectly instantly. Set specific display periods for lock screens and schedule alerts or notifications for immediate bursts of information or prolonged engagement, ensuring comprehensive coverage, even for absent team members.

Dedicated Channels for Inner-workings

Our internal communication tool opens doors to dedicated communication channels seamlessly integrating with your team's routine—bypassing cluttered inboxes and ensuring your message is noticed. Administratively, effortlessly centralize all outgoing communications, accessible at your fingertips.

Direct delivery to workstations

Designed to engage, our solution ensures messages are seamlessly transmitted directly to your team's workstations, fostering quick and efficient reception. Whether stationed, mobile, or remote, every employee remains informed.


You want to improve your preventive communication processes?

Streamlined Interface for Effortless Communication


Interface d'un logiciel d'alerte


Craft your internal communication messages effortlessly using a user-friendly platform. Customize wallpapers, lock screen messages, notifications, or alerts by seamlessly incorporating images, leveraging built-in text editors, and including links for added impact. Elevate your messaging to resonate deeply with your employees.

Maximize your message's impact through precise targeting. Channels simplifies audience selection based on predefined characteristics, ensuring your communication hits the mark.

Scheduling messages becomes a breeze. Opt for instant transmission or schedule for the future. Define start and end dates, even specifying precise times. This flexibility ensures your messages arrive precisely when needed.

Channels software provides comprehensive distribution and acknowledgment statistics for your internal communication messages: track recipients and engagement with your communication efforts.

They use our Preventive Communation Software





Avis d'un outil de communication interne

Gilles Gaillardon
Micro-Network Technician

« The Channels internal communication tool improves the link between users and their IT department. This communication power is simple, fast, and without delay on their work tools. »

BUT was able to equip 4,500 in-store computer workstations (checkout and sales area workstations) with a simple, effective solution for notifying its staff before scheduled maintenance operations, for example.

Logo MACC client de l'outil de communication interne Channels

Florian Maquet
Chief information officer

« Channels enhanced communication and cohesion among our field teams while simplifying our internal processes. »

Channels empowers MACC's field teams, streamlining communication, alerts, and proactive prevention measures.

Unlocking the Power of Preventive Communication

How Telelogos Supports Your Vision

Telelogos offers a comprehensive partnership to guide you through the setup and configuration of our internal communication solution. Our expert team is on hand to answer queries and guide you throughout the process. We also provide tailored training to maximize your software usage. Our aim is a seamless customer experience that drives effective communication.

Does It Cater to Multi-Site Communication?

Absolutely. Our internal communication software caters to multi-site needs. With multi-site management, you'll centrally deliver internal communication messages while tailoring them to each location's unique requirements. Our SaaS-based software guarantees consistent quality and service through automatic updates, eliminating the need for specific maintenance.

Is it possible to communicate on smartphones (mobiles)?

Yes, the Channels tool provides a mobile application. Once the user is authenticated, this application allows you to :

  • Receive notifications (targeted, instantaneous)
  • Access the history of all publications sent to you.