Meeting Room Reservations and Calendar All in One

With Meeting4Display, directly accessible from your messaging platform, simplify the workspace reservation for your colleagues. Streamline your search with advanced filters (capacity, amenities, location, etc.). A few clicks are needed to add the desired meeting room to an invitation and get an overview from your professional email calendar.

Effortless Reservation with Meeting4Display for Messaging

Meeting4Display interfaces with the three main messaging systems common in the workplace (Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, and Google Workspace). This allows all employees to view, from their messaging platform, all available resources (whether meeting rooms or offices) previously registered by the administrator. It's then very easy to make a reservation directly from the messaging platform. Furthermore, all Meeting4Display applications are interconnected and automatically synchronized, offering constantly updated visibility on meetings and their locations, whether you check the information from your internal messaging, mobile app, or a touchscreen tablet.

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An Optimized Booking Experience in Your Outlook Calendar

Thanks to the Meeting4Display Outlook Add-On, enjoy a booking experience more straightforward than ever directly from your messaging platform! There is no need to open a third-party app to check your reservations. This fully integrated extension to your email calendar acts as a real search engine. It provides additional features to enhance the search experience and improve automatically sent invitations to all attendees. All your reservations are then accessible from your regular calendar.



Quickly Find and Reserve an Available Room or Office


Customize your search based on specific criteria (availability date, duration, capacity, site, building, and/or floor, etc.).


Add a specific request to your reservation: room setup, adding water bottles for guests, etc.


Automatically attach a visual to your invitations to guide your colleagues within your premises or allow them to visualize the room layout.

Reserve a Workspace that Meets 100% of Your Needs

Effective Filters to Optimize the Search for a Meeting Room or Office


With the Meeting4Display Outlook Add-On, reserve the meeting room or office that meets 100% of your needs! Filter the results based on the required capacity, desired location (building, floor, etc.), and the amenities or services available in each room.

After the search, the user can select the desired room. It will be reserved directly via Outlook when the meeting is confirmed.

Visualization of the Selected Space


During the administrator's initial setup of existing rooms, it's possible to add a dedicated image for each room. These images automatically appear in the search results to facilitate the final choice of one room over another. Use this image to display the location plan of your room, for example, to assist with navigation within your premises or to present a photo of the room for better visualization of its layout and amenities. This image will be included in the body of the meeting invitation email, ensuring that important information about the room is complete and transmitted to all attendees.

Additional Service Requests


Before confirming the reservation, adding a "service request" note is possible, which will be automatically sent to the relevant department, always ensuring the most efficient reservation possible. Easily arrange water bottles for each of your guests or request a specific setup for the space, and be sure that your room will be ready as you wish upon arrival without any additional steps.


You want to optimize your workspaces and make your employees' life easier?

Optimized Invitations for Your Meetings

100% Integrated into Your Messaging


Thanks to the Meeting4Display Add-on for Outlook, integration is seamless throughout booking a meeting room or office. Once selected, your space automatically adds to your calendar as a meeting location. This information is also automatically communicated to all participants via their messaging. No more hassles related to space coordination; our Outlook add-on smoothly centralizes your reservations, eliminating the risk of booking conflicts.

Furthermore, its complete integration with Microsoft Outlook ensures connectivity with all your usual services. Remote participants joining through Teams? The connection link will also be automatically shared in your invitations!



All Necessary Information at a Glance


Invitations sent to your guests automatically include the administrator's image associated with the room. Share the location plan of the room effortlessly and save valuable time by ensuring everyone has the information to join.


Indeed, the image will be included in the body of the meeting invitation email, along with all room-related information, and transmitted to all attendees.






No need to open a third-party app to manage your reservations; a simple interface for even greater efficiency.


Meeting4Display fully integrates with significant messaging systems (Google Workspace, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange).


All information regarding your reservations, whether made from your calendar or the mobile app, is automatically synchronized with your calendar and touchscreen reservation screens if applicable.

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