Jacky PERRENOT Group, a stalwart in French transportation with over 75 years of experience, operates via a network of 129 branches in France and roughly 15 overseas locations. This expansive territorial reach is a strategic advantage for local engagement with economic stakeholders. However, managing internal communications across its 10,000 employees scattered among hundreds of locations, often on the road and without access to workplace computers, presents an everyday challenge.

Internal Communication: A Pivotal Challenge for Mobile Personnel

While the group's proximity to clients, facilitating rapid response, is self-evident, the same holds valid for its workforce. Employees are the linchpin of the company's growth, as emphasized by Philippe GIVONE, CEO of the Group: "Providing meaning to our actions, delivering on our commitments, fostering a positive work atmosphere—these are the touchstones for cultivating employee pride and a sense of belonging. Upholding these values also implies setting exacting standards."


However, a recent internal survey brought a significant issue with internal communication to light. Notably, truck drivers, constituting 50% of the workforce, lack uniform means to exchange, access, or receive group communications distributed via email or the intranet.


Given that digitalization already courses through the veins of PERRENOT Group, especially in deploying automated processes from order inception to fulfillment, adopting a digital signage solution for digitalizing and streamlining internal communication swiftly gained prominence.

Digital Signage: An Effective Solution for Engaging Mobile Personnel

Truck drivers, inherently mobile, frequently visit agency locations between assignments. During these visits, they retrieve their schedules, receive Group news updates, and handle administrative tasks. Each agency now sports two screens—one in the break room and another in the operations room. These are mandatory stops for all personnel during their site visits, ensuring that no one misses out on the information shared.

The digital signage solution, centrally managed by Jacky PERRENOT Group's headquarters in Saint-Donat-sur-l'Herbasse, empowers the communications department to update and disseminate pertinent information across the various sites.

Internal communications, primarily of an institutional nature, are complemented by more specific information related to Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental (QHSE) matters and road safety. The screens, managed by the digital signage software, broadcast various Group news, including new hires, acquisitions, CSR strategy reminders, and road safety campaigns.

The Group's communication department is contemplating utilizing the local override feature. This feature enables centralized communication management to oversee all broadcasts on remote screens while delegating some content to local contributors for customization. At Jacky PERRENOT, each agency will have control over the console to integrate its local communications, making the information even more pertinent for everyone.

Enhancing Employee Safety through Screen Communications

While employee engagement was a pivotal focus during the implementation of the digital signage project across various branches of the Jacky PERRENOT Group, current usage shows a significant emphasis on communications related to health and workplace safety. Given the critical nature of road safety awareness for truck drivers, it is prominent in the digital signage loop broadcast on all screens. This content includes regularly updated awareness videos to ensure a continuous impact over time and specific Group-related information in this domain, such as the occupational accident frequency rate.

Screens that Spark Conversations

Jacky PERRENOT Group observes a distinct before-and-after scenario following the installation of these screens. Employees now regularly discuss the various information disseminated through digital signage screens. It's the best proof of their effectiveness! The data is seen, the messages are retained, and they even foster new conversations among employees!

A Comprehensive Digital Signage Solution

When Jacky PERRENOT Group turned to the Media4Display digital signage solution, they sought an effective digital signage solution and the capability to manage their hardware remotely. The group opted for Philips screens with integrated Android SOC on the hardware front. This means there's no external PC player, and the Media4Display software is directly installed on the screen. Telelogos, with decades of expertise in device management, offers the only digital signage software that natively integrates a proper Device Management solution. This aspect is particularly crucial in managing screens with Android SOC. It enables remote technical management and precise control of screens distributed across over a hundred sites.

The teams at Jacky PERRENOT Group particularly appreciate the functions that allow them to schedule different power-on and power-off times for different targets. This function is beneficial to prevent screens from running all night when the agency is closed and, conversely, to keep screens on for as long as needed in agencies open at night.


Olivia SCAIA,

Director of Quality, Health, Safety, and Sustainable Development, Jacky PERRENOT

" Given our group's size, Media4Display has identified our need and is helping us achieve one of our objectives: clear, rapid, and effective communication with our 10,000 employees. "

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