RK95 Series

The CipherLab RK95 is a powerful mobile computer that accelerates data collection in warehouse environments. Operating on the latest version of the Android system with the most powerful processor currently available, the RK95 is also delivered with Google enterprise certifications to guarantee the effectiveness of the device today and in the future.

RS51 Series

With the development of e-commerce, rapid delivery is a requirement in sectors such as transport & logistics and direct retail delivery. A more intelligent and faster solution is necessary. The CipherLab RS51 series has inherited advantages with improved functions to offer a more intelligent and efficient operation as part of everyday professional use.

RK25 Series

When it comes to environments that require the collection and input of a large volume of data, such as retail, light warehouses and mobility in the field, the CipherLab’s RK25 mobile computer effortlessly combines the advantages of keyboard computers with the ultra-mobility of a hand-held device.

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