Manage your bookings from Crestron touch screens







Room information


Discover at a glance all the information about the room: its capacity, its equipment or other services available.




Concierge service


Easily and instantly report any incident in your room. Make a live request for service.




Search for a room


Is this room already booked? Research the availability of other rooms nearby. And quickly book.




Quick booking


Use the quick booking function directly from the touch screen of the room in front of you.


Confirm meeting


In order to optimize the company's workspaces, confirm your meetings to avoid ghost bookings!




End the meeting


A shorter meeting than scheduled? Free up the room for other collaborators!



Extend the meeting


A longer meeting than expected? Extend it in one click!




Together, Crestron and Meeting4Display from Telelogos allow you to optimize the occupancy of your meeting rooms.

Using Meeting4Display from Crestron touchscreens, view the availability of a meeting room and make it visible at a glance, thanks to the LED status system. Allow booking directly from the touch screen. Offer the ability to extend bookings or easily free up the room for booking when meetings last longer than expected or end early.




Meeting4Display compatible Crestron hardware


Crestron TSW-770




  • New generation Crestron® wall-mounted touchscreen
  • 7-inch color screen. (178 mm), 1280 x 800 WXGA display resolution
  • Single-wire Ethernet connection with PoE or PoE+ power supply
  • Wi-Fi® network connectivity
  • Two USB 2.0 ports


Crestron TSW-1070




  • New generation Crestron® wall-mounted touchscreen
  • 10.1-inch color screen. (257 mm), 1920 x 1200 WXGA display resolution
  • Single-wire Ethernet connection with PoE or PoE+ power supply
  • Wi-Fi® network connectivity
  • Two USB 2.0 ports


The power of Meeting4Display paired with Crestron hardware



Benefits for your company

Manage and optimize the occupancy of your workspaces

Save your employees time and improve productivity



Meeting4Display, a complete tool to manage your workspaces

Meeting4Display features

Outlook add-on


Search for a workspace based on requirements or available equipments directly through your internal messaging system

Mobile application


Directly book an office, a meeting room or any workspace from your smartphone

Booking screen


Enable search and booking of rooms and desks on a touch screen

Flex office


Book your room or desk from the application, your messaging system or by scanning the QR code on the desired workspace

Digital signage


Display list of upcoming meetings, room plans and the real-time status of workspaces on your digital signage screens



Meeting4Display connects to the following messaging systems : Exchange, Office 365 and Google Calendar (Google Workspace)

Concierge service


From the workspace, report any issue or send service requests using the Meeting4Display concierge service function



Monitor room occupancy rates. Analyze and organize your locations according to real usage