Zebra offers a powerful asset to field teams in the sectors of sales and distribution, healthcare, transport and logistics, manufacturing and others for technical advancement offering improved results in terms of customer satisfaction, patient care and sales activity.

To succeed in an increasingly connected sales environment, your employees must have tools that enable them to accomplish their tasks more quickly, intelligently and effectively. The Zebra mobile IT hardware portfolio can help you improve your performance.




Zebra device range

Zebra offers a range of mobile devices to equip your staff to handle all situations, from pocket computers to vehicle mount devices and tablets. Whether they operate on the Windows® or Android™ system, Zebra mobile devices have robust built-in software intelligence that enables your employees to give the best of themselves, day after day.

The Zebra range is compatible with the Mobile Device Management software CLYD.


With a 5000 mAh battery, the View 4 offers up to 3 days of use. It has expandable 64 Gb storage and a latest generation processor coupled with 3 Gb of RAM, for a free and seamless experience.


TC52/TC57 tactile tablets add a new platform and new features to the Zebra catalog for an unparalleled user experience: they combine the simplicity of Android with all the company functions necessary for operators to reach the highest level of productivity, while minimizing business process cycle times.


The benchmark in light and rugged tactile and keyboard mobile devices. The new upgrade in the range of MC3000 mobile devices is enhanced with the new features designed for the growing requirements of the on-demand economy and underlying e-commerce.

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