Dashboards – Data Analytics & KPIs

Display key business data in real-time using Media4Display software.


Connect Media4Display to your production or ERP software

Connect your production software or ERP to Media4Display and display your statistics in real-time.


Create a personalized dashboard

Present your data with widgets including tables, charts, progress bars, gauges, etc. and display your statistics in real-time on your digital signage screens.

Automate broadcast / Create display rules

  • Broadcast content based on your data: alert messages, KPIs, met/unmet goals, progress percentages, etc.
  • Change the formatting of data based on its status: a critical threshold requiring a visual alert, achievement of a target.
  • Highlight this key data with Media4Display.


Communicate in real-time

  • Display wait times, order preparation, etc.
  • Warning and safety messages, internal and legal communications, broadcast information to your employees who don’t have computers with Media4Display digital signage software.