Digital Signage and Device Management

With over 40 years of Data and Device Management expertise, Media4Display is the premier digital signage software to integrate a comprehensive Device Management solution seamlessly. While many solutions stop at mere individual device management or offer a basic overview, our advanced back office empowers automated management and complete control of your entire device fleet: screens, players, tablets, and kiosks - all of which are harnessed to deliver your digital signage multimedia content. This ensures your fleet operates seamlessly 24/7.

Media4Display Device Management Features

Software Deployment


Simplify the installation and comprehensive updates of all software, including third-party applications and the operating system, through our powerful device management solution. Streamline processes to keep your digital signage current and effectively engaging.

Command Execution


Effortlessly execute all desired programs, PowerShell, system commands, and scripts. Take complete control of your digital signage by managing critical settings such as volume, contrast, and brightness, whether manually, automated, or in response to specific events. Customize your experience and ensure every display aspect aligns perfectly with your needs.

Remote Desktop Access


Securely assume complete control of your devices remotely with a simple right-click.

Hardware/Software Inventory


Retain complete control over your environment. Gain a comprehensive view of all your devices, including their hardware and software components. This feature allows you to proactively monitor the status of your infrastructure, track software versions, and confidently plan necessary updates. Stay well-informed and ready to act to maintain peak performance, security, and optimization for your digital signage.

Preventive Maintenance


Continuously monitor essential settings, such as connectivity and CPU load, to detect any signs of trouble. In the case of anomalies, easily configure alerts, enabling swift action. Go above and beyond by establishing automated corrective actions like closing unresponsive programs, rebooting, or even purging, ensuring your devices operate optimally at all times. Anticipate issues before they disrupt your digital signage.

Connection Optimization


Customize your connections to align with your current and future needs. Media4Display offers optimal connectivity, whether wired or wireless, scheduled or real-time, to address all your digital signage requirements. This scalable approach allows you to expand your infrastructure as your business grows effortlessly, ensuring optimum performance regardless of the size of your network.

Why Integrated Device Management?


All-in-One Efficiency

Experience the elegance of an 'All-in-One' approach with Device Management seamlessly woven into our digital signage solution. Say goodbye to the complications of managing multiple, separate software solutions for various tasks. Everything you need, from data transfers to remote control, seamlessly integrates with your digital signage software. Streamline your operations, save time, and reduce complexity by embracing this comprehensive solution that caters to all your device management needs in one convenient place.

Boost Productivity
  • Streamline your team's efficiency with native Device Management. With a single software to master, you'll gain significant time advantages (less training, simplified updates, streamlined monitoring, and enhanced compatibility).
  • Automate maintenance and security tasks. Utilizing preventive maintenance minimizes the need for corrective actions, maximizing overall operational efficiency.
Optimizing Hardware Lifecycle

Maximize your hardware's lifecycle with a proactive approach. Continuously monitor your equipment and anticipate signs of wear and tear. For example, when your processor nears its limit, you can automatically schedule the closure of resource-intensive programs on the player. This intelligent management extends the lifespan of your devices while maintaining peak performance. Our device management solution ensures the utmost return on investment for your hardware.

Reducing Environmental Footprint

Lower your hardware's resource consumption by intelligently adjusting brightness levels and automating actions like automatic screen and player shutdowns. Automate purges to optimize resource utilization and extend your equipment's lifespan. You'll achieve significant energy savings by minimizing the energy footprint of your digital signage.

Enhanced Scalability

Equip yourself with the right tools to expand your fleet and address future needs, ensuring your place at the forefront. For example, effortlessly install new software across your entire monitor fleet, introduce additional hardware components (sensors, cameras, etc.) to enable conditional broadcasting, or deploy new devices with just a few clicks.

Unrivaled Robustness

Benefit from peerless robustness with our integrated professional Device Management solution. Built on a proven technological foundation with over 500,000 devices worldwide, you can trust that your fleet will operate 24/7. Our industrial expertise ensures maximum reliability, meeting the most rigorous requirements of your digital signage environment.


Are you interested in discussing your digital signage and terminal management requirements?

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Historical Expertise

Drawing on over 40 years of experience in the professional software industry, our historical expertise forms the foundation of our Media4Display solution. Our MediaContact software, resulting from decades of development and optimization, is at the heart of this comprehensive management. Our proven expertise ensures reliable and high-performance device management, supported by a dedicated team committed to continually improving our solution.

Choose Between SaaS and On-Premises

Tailor our solution to your needs with our flexible approach. You have two deployment options: SaaS or On-Premises. Opt for the SaaS model for quick implementation, hassle-free update management, and accessibility through a simple web browser. If your existing architecture and network policies restrict external connections, our On-Premises solution offers customizable architecture and complete control over your data. Regardless of your choice, we are here to provide quality support and guide you to project success.

Natively Integrated with Display Software

Our Device Management feature seamlessly integrates with our display software to offer comprehensive features. It naturally integrates and works in harmony with your display software, providing an essential tool for device management.

Comprehensive Support

Comprehensive support, from initial setup to ongoing assistance based on your needs. Our team is here to guide you in implementing the solution, tailoring it to your specific requirements and existing infrastructure. Furthermore, we provide continuous assistance to answer your questions, resolve real-time issues, and maintain a functional digital signage network.

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« The power of digital signage software, which integrates terminal management features, has allowed us to remotely manage thousands of video walls and screens, as well as tablets and kiosk-mode touchscreen displays. In addition, Telelogos provided excellent support throughout the deployment of a large and complex project, from planning to implementation. »