Digital signage in local authorities

Communication is a major challenge for all local authorities. Both with citizens and staff. Media4Display enables you to communicate easily and in real time, both within different buildings and spaces and outside buildings or in the street.

  • Simplify management of legal signage
  • Offer relevant information in real-time: schedules, events, ads, job opportunities
  • Energize the local economy and generate new income by enabling partners to display information
  • Unite staff and workers on all sites

Main objectives


Energize your town, county or region’s image… advertise your events and local news.


Entirely digitize your legal signage on screens to facilitate broadcast and updates.


Your staff and workers are spread across different sites; keep them informed and get your messages across effectively.



  • Display multimedia content over a network of screens spread across different locations
  • Customize content according to where it is displayed
  • Manage all types of equipment: screens, boards, terminals, tablets, etc.
  • Pair with queue and reception management solutions
Use cases


  • Keep citizens informed by highlighting the events of your town or city
  • Raise users’ awareness by displaying messages about the environment, safety, etc.
  • Legal signage showing all your town or city’s publications
  • Guide citizens and tourists: indicate key locations in your town or city (access map, interactive map, etc.)
  • Display alerts in real time: kidnapping, evacuation, traffic, weather, etc.