Digital Menu Board for Fast Food and Restaurants


Digital menu boards are essential assets for professionals in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Installed above the counter, these screens go beyond simply showcasing your dishes. They offer a revamped customer experience, providing an immersive visual discovery of your menu and simplifying choices for your customers.

Create striking visuals and automatically update your dishes according to seasons, days of the week, or even the time of day, stocks, and new arrivals. This flexibility optimizes order taking, encourages impulse purchases, increases average order value, and generates a significant increase in revenue.

Simultaneously, the digital menu board strengthens your brand image by providing an additional space to showcase your identity.



Menu board digital dans un fast food pour la diffusion des produits, prix et promotions

Key objectives of digital menu boards

Icone expérience client

Enhance the customer journey


Digital menu boards optimize the customer journey by offering a clear visual presentation of options, facilitating decision-making, and improving the shopping experience.

Drive sales


By visually highlighting promotions, facilitating the discovery of new items, and encouraging order customization, dynamic menu boards help drive sales, promote impulse purchases, and maximize profitability.

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Enhance brand image


A modern and interactive digital menu board enhances the restaurant's brand image by positioning it as innovative, contemporary, and customer-focused. They also enable broader communication about the brand's universe and highlights: loyalty offers, contests, brand attributes... All these elements contribute to customer loyalty.

Affichage dynamique dédié aux menus board dans la restauration rapide

Benefits of digital menu boards for customers



Reduced wait times and simplified waiting:

Menu boards offer a double advantage by significantly reducing wait times through faster decision-making. Visual clarity and interactive options simplify the ordering process, ensuring each customer's smooth and efficient experience. By incorporating playful elements, these menus add an entertaining touch to meal selection, making waiting more enjoyable.

Error reduction

Displaying menus on digital signage screens helps minimize order errors by allowing customers to view their choices before finalizing their orders. With clear and interactive visual presentation, customers have visual confirmation of their selections, thereby reducing the risk of errors and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Access to comprehensive information

Menu boards provide customers instant access to a complete range of essential information. Everything is presented clearly and accessible, from prices to new items, promotions, and mandatory information, allowing customers to make informed and personalized decisions to meet their specific needs.

Customer comfort

Dynamic menu boards reduce the stress associated with ordering by offering a clear visualization of options. Customers can take their time to browse the menu and make informed choices without the pressure of time, creating a more relaxed and enjoyable ordering experience.


These digital displays go beyond merely presenting the menu. They also offer visual guidance by clearly indicating specific areas within the point of sale. Directions such as "Order Here," "Pay Here," and "Pickup Counter" with intuitive arrows simplify navigation for customers, ensuring a smooth and stress-free shopping experience.

Advantages of Dynamic Menu Boards for Restaurants



Menu board digital épuré dans un restaurant proposant des produits végétariens

Real-time Updates (Prices and Products)

Menu boards facilitate automatic, real-time updates of essential information, from prices to promotions, stock levels, new arrivals, and trends. This functionality keeps customers informed and saves time for the restaurant by eliminating the need for time-consuming manual updates and enabling the automatic rollout of new items or updates across large franchise networks.

Standardization of Communication

Dynamic menu board software provides a centralized platform for visual communication. This standardization ensures consistency in product presentation, promotions, and brand identity. This uniformity enhances brand recognition and simplifies communication management for immediate visual impact, whether for a single outlet or a restaurant chain.

Delegation of Content Distribution

Menu board displays facilitate the delegation of menu management responsibilities while allowing for local customization. Individual establishments can personalize promotions or menu items to meet the specific needs of their local clientele while maintaining overall consistency with the brand's strategy.

Customer Satisfaction

Menu-displaying screens contribute to customer satisfaction by offering a smoother and more enjoyable ordering experience. Real-time updates ensure that customers receive accurate information, while visual clarity and customization increase the menu's appeal. This results in happier, more loyal customers likely to recommend the establishment to others.

Modern Brand Image

Integrating digital menu boards gives restaurants and fast-food establishments a modern and dynamic brand image. Dynamic visual presentation and current technologies reinforce the brand's perception as an innovative company, creating a positive image that attracts customers sensitive to current trends.

Advantages of Our Dedicated Menu Board Software

Logiciel de menu board digital pour restaurants, franchises et fast-foods multisites

"Glocal" Management – Local Breakaway

Our dedicated digital signage software for menu boards offers a unique "glocal" approach, combining centralized content management with local breakout flexibility. This functionality allows franchises or multi-site restaurants to manage content effectively from a central platform while permitting local adjustments. Each establishment can customize its display to meet its local clientele's specific needs, ensuring consistent global communication while considering regional peculiarities. This "glocal" management enhances content relevance, strengthens message impact, and contributes to a more personalized customer experience.

Menu board digital avec écrans synchronisés

Synchronous Screens

Synchronized screens allow for a coherent rotation of content where each screen changes its display simultaneously. Thanks to this feature, automate synchronized content changes on several screens, for example to display complementary products at the same time. The same content can cover all screens to highlight a product or a branding element, such as an extended-mode video.



Source de donnée connectée au menu board digital

Data Sources

Our software goes beyond merely broadcasting static content by connecting directly any types of data sources (json, xml, csv, rss, etc), even those generated by your business tools. This real-time integration ensures the automatic updating of menu boards. Our software provides instant and accurate content updates by linking to stock databases and promotion management tools and tracking price changes, sales trends, and new arrivals. Thus, menu boards constantly reflect the current state of the business, guaranteeing relevant communication aligned with ongoing operations.


CMS pour menu board digital

Powerful CMS with Intuitive Visual Editor

Our digital signage software features a robust content management system (CMS) and an intuitive visual editor. This functionality enables users to create templates for menu boards without requiring advanced technical skills. Our CMS streamlines the creation process with various layout options, widgets, transitions, or integration of external creations, ensuring aesthetically pleasing menu boards aligned with the company's visual identity.


They use our software for their digital menu board



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A More Flexible Yet Still Sleek Digital Menu Board At Wild & The Moon

- 4 large screens installed in portrait mode allow the offer to be presented
- A 5th screen installed next to them is dedicated to promotional offers or highlights according to the peak times of the day.
- A "stretch" screen (elongated), placed horizontally behind the counter, allows communication on the nutritional values ​​of superfoods.

Panos :
Manage the screens of 320 points of sale

- With different prices depending on the location
- In différent languages (Dutch, French German...)
- Different products depending on the point of sale type

Convivio :
Energize collective catering

- More than 80 screens
- Global management with local personnalization
- Automatic updates
- Dedicated to user experience and internal communication

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