Groupement Les Mousquetaires, a major player in mass distribution in Europe, has a food-processing entity made up of more than 60 production plants. The « Agromousquetaires » division ensures the group’s supply independence in order to offer consumers products made exclusively in France through its private labels.

Agromousquetaires has 62 production plants, employing 11,000 employees. The subsidiary wished to implement a digital signage solution in order to centralize, facilitate and digitize the information communicated internally on its various production sites.



The group chose Media4Display as the solution to communicate in real time with all employees, especially those who do not have a workstation or messaging system:

  •  The head office of the Les Mousquetaires group displays internal information and broadcasts group news and press publications via Media4Display.
  • AgroHub, center of expertise of the Agromousquetaires division, is equipped with digital signage screens enabling it to communicate both the group’s news and the entity’s news (word from management, internal events, etc.).
  • Around twenty factories are already equipped with screens managed by Media4Display in order to improve communication within each production unit (highlighting internal employees, save-thedate for team building events, prevention and safety messages, etc.). Eventually, the group will deploy Media4Display on all 62 production units of the division.


Base logistique de LUG Grand Fougeray


  • Update and unify communication supports
  • Interaction and cohesion between employees
  • Quick content updates with the intuitive Media4Display interface
  • Content management by actors from different departments, with customizable rights management
HR and Communication Directorate - Agromousquetaires

« We particularly appreciate Media4Display for its ease of use. The solution is relatively simple to use, making it possible for us to update our content with a variety of publisher profiles. The solution has enabled us to unify communication within our entity, especially through the implementation of common templates for each of our production units. Media4Display perfectly meets our expectations. The next step will be the display of production data and
performance indicators on screens within our production sites.

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