For 75 years, Groupe Legendre has thrived through its agility, expertise, and visionary contributions to the construction, real estate, and energy sectors. With 24 branches and over 2,300 employees today, its headquarters in Rennes (France) hosts no fewer than 65 meeting rooms spread across seven (7) floors.

The Challenge of Booking Before Meeting4Display: A Real Headache

Managing meeting room reservations within the company's headquarters was often a complex puzzle before introducing a dedicated solution. Several recurring issues plagued the process:

  • Booking Hassles: The absence of centralization sometimes forces employees to painstakingly check the Outlook calendars of each meeting room individually to find an available slot.
  • Scheduling Conflicts: The cumbersome reservation process occasionally led to inadequate schedule verifications, resulting in timing clashes, mid-meeting interruptions, and the need to reschedule to other rooms.
  • Underutilized Spaces: Groupe Legendre boasts a variety of meeting room types, from standard to premium, often assigned to specific departments. Booking through Outlook failed to provide insight into the technical specifications and room layouts, leading to frequent misuse.

Streamlining with Touchscreen Booking Displays

The decision to introduce touchscreen booking displays at the entrances of significant meeting rooms swiftly became imperative. The primary objective was to simplify and rationalize room management, optimize space usage, and reduce internal frustrations surrounding reservations. This technological solution was deployed in the 30 largest rooms within the building, offering an intuitive and user-friendly means of handling reservations while displaying real-time room status. These screens provide essential information such as availability, room names, capacity, equipment, ongoing reservations, upcoming bookings, and the daily occupancy schedule.


Despite the wealth of helpful information, the interface remains intentionally straightforward, epitomized by Sébastien Rapilly, Infrastructure Administrator at Legendre, who remarks, "It's as simple as green or red." This encapsulates the very essence of Meeting4Display.

Enhancing Accessibility for Smaller Rooms: Smaller rooms without touchscreen displays can be reserved through the Outlook Add-On or the mobile application, mirroring the process for larger rooms. To further increase accessibility, there are plans to introduce QR codes at the entrances of each smaller room, enabling employees to book with a quick scan.


You want to optimize your workspace and simplify your employees' lives?

Prioritizing Privacy for Select Meetings

Maintaining the confidentiality of specific meetings is a significant concern for Groupe Legendre. Touchscreen displays are pivotal in ensuring this privacy without complicating the booking process.


The administrator centrally configures these screens to display only the current meeting's status, such as "Reserved" and the name of the person who made the reservation. Participant names and meeting titles are shielded from view, and clear occupancy indicators prevent meeting disruptions.

Enhancing Workspace Efficiency


The meeting room reservation solution implemented by Groupe Legendre is designed to maximize the utilization of available meeting spaces. Employees can easily select the most suitable room based on size and equipment. Integration with Outlook profiles ensures that only rooms accessible to specific departments are visible. Additionally, the "Attendance Confirmation" option is automatically enabled for rooms equipped with touchscreen reservation screens, reducing no-show meetings and releasing unoccupied rooms. Furthermore, on-the-fly reservations fully optimize rooms that were previously underused.



Seamless and Rapid Implementation of Meeting4Display Meeting Room Reservation Solution

The deployment of 30 touchscreen displays was accompanied by the implementation the Meeting4Display solution for all building meeting rooms, making them accessible via the Outlook Add-On and the mobile application provided to employees.


This deployment was smooth and swift, requiring minimal training. The seamless integration of the Meeting4Display meeting room reservation solution with Outlook and its user-friendly features ensures quick and straightforward adoption by all employees. Booking a room is now a streamlined task, fully integrated into the existing infrastructure without disrupting established work routines.

What Lies Ahead?

The introduction of a meeting room reservation solution at Groupe Legendre's headquarters has already significantly impacted productivity. No more time wasted, scheduling conflicts, or meeting interruptions. Employee satisfaction has noticeably increased.

This solution has already been replicated at another Groupe site and will soon be implemented in the new building accommodating Groupe's Île-de-France teams in Villejuif, featuring approximately thirty meeting rooms.


Sébastien Rapilly,

Infrastructures Administrator, Groupe Legendre

“ We chose Telelogos' solution because of the interface, it is the most complete and simple one. On top of a quick setup, it is easy to use and administrate. Meeting4Display keeps all its promises ”

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