23 April 2019

Media4Display: more than digital signage

Media4Display is a digital signage solution that allows users to create, manage and display digital content over a network of screens.


In addition, users can manage the hardware and other software elements on the player: silent software updates, remote management, hardware and software monitoring.


Access 3: the next generation of portable technology

The Access3 par Azulle is a fanless mini PC stick that fits in the palm of your hand and lets you effortlessly convert any compatible TV, monitor display, or projector into a fully functional computer. Connect wired or wireless accessories such as a keyboard, mouse, camera, etc. to create a functional workspace or media center with your Access3. Coupled with Media4Display, the Access 3 allows users to control their digital signage networks from anywhere and anytime




Manage Media4Display digital signage content in just a few steps with the Access3

  • Create your content via the Media4Display interface

  • Connect your Access3 dongle with the Media4Display player software installed

  • Broadcast your digital signage content and manage your screens

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