06 May 2024

Geofencing is one of the key features of Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions. It's a tool that ensures data and device security easily, often used in transportation, logistics, industry, and retail sectors. By combining geographical location technology with mobile device management, geofencing allows companies to better control their fleets of devices.



What is Geofencing in MDM Solutions?

Geofencing, also known as geofencing, is a technique that uses GPS, Wi-Fi signals, or cellular networks to create virtual boundaries around predefined geographical areas. MDM solutions integrate this technology to define perimeters around corporate sites, warehouses, delivery locations, stores, etc. Automated actions can be triggered once a mobile device equipped with the MDM solution enters or exits these defined zones.



How Does Geofencing Work in an MDM Solution?


With an MDM solution—such as Clyd - that includes a geofencing feature, it's easy to define one or multiple geographical zones by drawing a circle on a map. You can then visualize the geographic position of your devices and choose automatic actions to take when these devices exit the defined zones. Several possible actions upon exiting the zone include:


  • Interface du menu geofencing d'un solution MDMEnsuring the security of your application data by cleaning, deactivating, or even uninstalling them automatically when the concerned device is identified outside its authorized zone.
  • Locking the phone with a unique code without which the device cannot be used. You can retrieve this code at any time from the device profile in the Clyd mobile device management solution.
  • Resetting the phone clears all stored data on the device and restores it to factory settings.
  • In general, executing any type of system command on the device is possible.
  • Additionally, you can choose to be notified by email and Clyd notification.



What are the Benefits of Geofencing?

  • Overall Cost Reduction: By monitoring mobile device movements and alerting in case of unauthorized zone exits, companies can prevent material losses, potential thefts, or accidental damages. This can be particularly beneficial for organizations with valuable mobile assets, such as ruggedized warehouse terminals for the logistics or transportation sectors or sales or information devices (for retail, tourism, or the public sector).


  • Data Security: Geofencing allows for automated actions when a device exits the predefined zone. Thus, it's possible to delete data or simply block the device in case of zone exit. This is an essential issue in sectors where data privacy is a priority and an increasingly current concern for all organizations in an environment of increased cyber threats. Finally, such a solution can adapt to policies in force depending on the location: defining specific security policies according to location, country, or type of point of sale.


  • Operation Optimization: Geofencing allows for better management of the number of mobile devices. For example, actions or alerts can be defined as soon as a device exits a zone. This allows for more precise tracking of the geographical distribution of hardware resources and for quick response to the specific needs of each location or project.


  • Regulatory Compliance: For regulated industries such as healthcare or finance, geofencing can help companies comply with regulatory requirements by configuring each terminal differently according to its destination zone and applying strict privacy policies.


  • Real-Time Tracking: Geofencing via MDM relies on devices' geolocation and allows for real-time fleet tracking. This is particularly useful for companies operating in dynamic environments such as logistics or transportation. Managers can monitor device movements and react instantly to unexpected situations.




Geofencing in MDM solutions offers numerous advantages to organizations, regardless of industry. By combining geographical location technology with mobile device management, companies can improve operational efficiency, strengthen security, and reduce costs. Adopting geofencing in MDM solutions has become imperative for many organizations in an ever-evolving business environment.

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