30 May 2024
How to leverage your company’s digital displays to reduce Energy Consumption and grow Sustainability


To reduce their energy consumption and their carbon footprint, corporations


  • Invest in more sober production equipment.
  • Optimize their internal processes.
  • Adjust their end-to-end supply chain


Although such initiatives are critical, they usually are not sufficient. The complex sustainability challenges also require changes in the individual and collective behaviors of the employees, as a multitude of everyday decisions and arbitrations by everyone - whatever their rank and their responsibilities – directly impact the effectiveness of the initiatives hereabove.


The purpose of this white paper is to share how visionary corporations help this change management process and accelerate the pace of their sustainability
journey through Digital Visual information by proactively leveraging the wide networks of digital displays – individual displays (PCs, Laptops, workstations) and shared displays (digital signage displays, wallboards, kiosks) – which are already deployed across their facilities and visible to all employees.

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