16 February 2021

Tested and approved by the Telelogos teams, the Minix X10 mini and Z83-4 players are certified for use with Media4Display.


Media4Display: more than digital Signage 

The digital signage software Media4Display allows users to create, manage and display the content of their dynamic displays. In addition, users can manage the hardware and other software elements on the player: silent software updates, remote management, hardware and software monitoring.


 X10-mini (Android OS): Operation for a professional entry-level player  

When combined with Media4Display, this Android X10-mini player offers a perfectly suitable solution for QSR (restauration, waiting rooms…) at a very competitive price. This Android player was “signed” by Telelogos, to benefit from the complete remote management of the device through Media4Display: monitoring, remote control, reboot, silent software upgrades…


Z83-4 Plus (Windows 10 Pro): A competitive performance/price combination for advanced features

The NEO Z83-4 Plus player offers an ideal combination of design and performance for digital signage applications that requires further integration (extraction of external data, triggering of content via API …). The NEO Z83-4 player, associated with Media4Display, is therefore suitable for most digital signage projects at an unbeatable price/quality ratio.



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