15 February 2021

Digital Signage: Meet prevention requirements by communicating on health and safety measures within the company


affichage dynamique covid

With digital signage, companies can broadcast information and messages necessary for the health and safety of visitors and employees , in real-time.



In this context, Media4Display not only meets a strong need for health prevention, but also ensures the traceability of the legal information broadcasted.


  • New hygiene measures and good practices
  • Specific hygiene instructions related to the professions or different sites
  • Event cancellations/postponements 
  • Internal decisions


  • Displaying indicators and norms in real time 
  • Building occupancy/capacity ratio
  • Reminder of protective equipment availability (gel, masks...)

Meet legal requirements

  • Traffic plans broadcasted
  • Real-time display of each room occupancy and its maximum capacity
  • Display of the number of people currently on company premises
  • Proof of play

Improve hygiene measures

  • Dynamic and contactless broadcast of legal information, avoiding paper documents
  • Mobile application allowing to book a room without touching a collective screen


Reception, break room

  • Simultaneously broadcast on all displays
  • Welcome messages
  • Visitor information & directions
  • Social distancing and sanitary guidelines
  • Internal communication
  • News and social feeds

Open space

  • Social distancing and sanitary guidelines
  • Internal communication
  • Statistics & KPIs
  • Contactless interactivity to display employee allocation and respect social distancing (NFC badge)


  • Welcome messages
  • Meeting room occupancy status
  • Visitor information & directions
  • Social distancing and sanitary guidelines
  • Internal communication

Media4Display mobile app

  • Proof of play
  • Overview of all screens on your own device
  • Quick fix in case of issues

Device Management

  • Alert in case of technical issues
  • Monitor devices and execute actions remotely
  • Update software remotely

Room booking display

  • Search for and book rooms through your messaging system, the Meeting4Display App or the display
  • Use LED lights to indicate room occupancy from a distance


  • Contactless interactivity (NFC Badge)
  • Display loop with corporate information and guidelines


  • Search for and book meeting rooms using your own device



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