27 October 2022

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Industry 4.0 – Telelogos announces the publication of a white paper jointly written with SAP about the usage of digital signage to improve the experience of the production staff in manufacturing companies and in logistics.

How digital signage is becoming critical to efficient manufacturing

Industry 4.0 connects resources and contributors. However, some production staff are left behind as they still have only limited access to the digital manufacturing resources: they lack real-time access to production data or corporate information to help them make decisions and adjust activities to priorities and fluctuations to streamline production and supply chain.

In recent months, we have observed the deployment of digital signage networks in several industrial units and warehouses. This technology - already widely used in retail, transportation and public spaces - makes it possible to quickly and inexpensively capture the attention of operators without disrupting their work to provide them with the right information at the right time - production KPIs, planning, manufacturing orders, quality, safety instructions… As such, it contributes directly to improving productivity.

It is also a source of empowerment for employees who, thanks to it, are in a better position to make decisions, and it is a powerful channel to transmit instructions to new employees and to temporary staff, and thus to accelerate their integration.

« Current tensions on the labor market are causing industrial companies to seek for innovative responses to put their employees back at the center of their digital transformation; Telelogos is pleased with the publication with its close partner SAP - the leader of industry 4.0 and of Digital Supply Chain - of this document which is based on the experience and very concrete observations of our teams.» explains Christophe Justeau, president of Telelogos.

Recent experience also shows that digital visual communication can actively contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint and to the efficiency of industrial processes.

« The implementation of a digital signage network immediately reduces paper consumption while avoiding the proliferation of individual digital equipment. Above all, by providing real-time information on energy consumption, waste management and recycling, digital signage is one of the most powerful media for sharing best practices and empowering the field teams to make the right decisions for sustainability and energy savings » underlines Christophe Billaud, managing director of Telelogos.



About Telelogos and SAP

Telelogos is a partner in the SAP PartnerEdge® program. As such, it is empowered to build and market software applications that supplement SAP software and technology. In addition, Media4Display – the digital signage solution of Telelogos – is certified SAP Industry Platform. Media4Display can be tested through the SAP Store : https://store.sap.com/dcp/en/product/display-0000059926_live_v1/Media4Display.

About Telelogos

Telelogos is a software publisher in the fields of Digital Signage and Mobility. Telelogos solutions allow companies and organizations to better communicate and interact with their customers and/or employees as part of their digital transformation. Corporations can manage and display content through screens placed at any location - points of sale, malls, public spaces, reception halls, airports, stations, shop floors, warehouses... -, manage the availability and reservation of their meeting rooms through digital devices, and remotely control their fleets of connected terminals, whether mobile (smartphones, tablets) or fixed (terminals, POS).

Telelogos is headquartered in EMEA with business offices in the US and in Mexico, and over 2,000 customers and 500,000 licenses deployed in more than 50 countries.

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