11 October 2022

Industry 4.0 connects resources and contributors. However, some production staff are left behind as they still have only limited access to the digital manufacturing resources: they lack real-time access to production data or corporate information to help them make decisions and adjust activities. They also don’t have easy access to digital knowledge resources, including maintenance guidelines and safety instructions. In a document co-authored by SAP and Telelogos, discover how digital signage, mixing communication and control, allows you to answer the needs of each member of the manufacturing process.


Improving the Experience for Production Staff in Manufacturing Companies

Digital visual communication is one of the most effective ways to capture attention and share information instantly. This is especially valuable in demanding manufacturing production environments where Digital visual communication help to providing the right information to the right people at the right time to inform and assist staff at production lines, providing relevant information and making supply chain flows more fluid, enabling digital reporting and getting immediate feedback from the workers on the factory floor.


Digital Signage is Becoming Critical to Efficient Manufacturing on Shop Floors and in Warehouses


Digital visual communication can be used practically everywhere. With the deployment of digital signage on top of a digital manufacturing platform to empower the factory worker – it is critical that the processes and data flows are integrated in real time. Using technology to move processes / data closer to the point of action means that almost every department in the business – quality, engineering, IT, HR, sales and marketing, corporate communication, sustainability :

  • Extraction of data from several sources ; internal or external ;
  • Data enrichment with media contents but also with web or social media contents
  • Scheduling and control of the broadcast on the targeted devices

The departments can then rethink their own processes and better contribute to the transformation of the digital supply chain.


Going green thanks to digital signage

Digital visual communication contributes to sustainability: large digital displays avoid the multiplication of personal digital equipment and help eliminate paper consumption. More significantly, digital screens make it possible to provide in real time key information through about energy consumption, waste management and recycling; this is a powerful way to sensibilize the workforce about sustainability and energy savings and give them the possibility to change behaviors and act immediately.

This white paper from SAP and Telelogos will guide in making decisions about digital signage, ensuring your company’s success in transitioning to Industry 4.0! You’ll discover a discerning point of view, highlighting the essential subjects, as well as the ways at your disposal to achieve this and support your teams in the best possible way.

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