30 June 2022

Industry 4.0: Visual information at shop floors & in warehouses

The right information to the right people at the right time to restore employee engagement

Podcast-SAP-telelogos-digital-signage-manugacturingAccelerated turn over, great resignation, challenges to recruit new talents: manufacturing companies engaged in their Industry 4.0 transformation need quick and efficient solutions to restore employee engagement. SAP and Telelogos offer a great way forward, innovative and easy to implement: the deployment in shopfloors, warehouses and offices – on top of the Industry 4.0 platform – of a network of displays to enable visual information and visual management to the benefit of field workers.


Industry 4.0 solutions revolutionize manufacturing by integrating all production resources into a single network to help corporations enhance productivity and agility. Interestingly these successful technical investments are also elevating the human factor: a growing number of companies which focused on their digital manufacturing journey, now realize that they have to turn their attention to their employees and production staff. If they want to  fully leverage the power of the data generated and exchanged in real-time by their production equipment and their business applications, they must find a way to better integrate their field operators with their digital manufacturing platform and give them access to the appropriate information from their workplace and without disturbing their production routines.


Visual communication

Visual communication is one of the most effective media to capture attention and share information instantly and comprehensively: visuals get close to 100% more views than text-based information; capturing a visual information is almost immediate and requires less attention span; in case of emergency, visual alerts get quicker reactions.


These are the reasons why SAP and Telelogos are promoting Digital Signage on top of SAP digital manufacturing / digital supply chain solutions. By deploying Telelogos Digital Signage on top of SAP Industry cloud solutions and by installing displays in the shopfloors, warehouses and offices, manufacturers are able to let operators know in real-time about daily objectives and key performance indicators, alert them about production incident, regularly remind them with security practices and other instructions, for example during change overs…


Through visual information/visual management, the employees can engage into dynamic performance management and adapt their practices to improve operational efficiency, security, productivity and quality.


With the deployment of Digital Signage, each department and discipline - Quality, Engineering, IT as well as HR, Sales & Marketing, Corporate communication, Sustainability… - is also offered to rethink their own processes and grow their contribution to the transformation of the Digital Supply Chain.


Digital Signage: non-intrusive and cost effective

Digital Signage is a highly seasoned and cost effective technology. It is used to extract, transform, mix and combine data and information coming from multiple internal and external data sources including SAP. This information is then broadcasted in a simple way through displays close to the workplaces to provide the right information to the right viewers at the right time.


Digital Signage is non-intrusive and can be deployed as an add-on to the legacy implementations. By offering the intelligent combination of information from multiple sources it avoids the multiplication of displays and contributes to the simplification of the shop-floor. Its deployment can be progressive and always generates quick wins and an accelerated return on investment through productivity improvements, reduction of scrap rates, improved management of incidents… and overall through increased employee engagement.


Post-LinkedIn-Podcast-SAP-listenTo know more about SAP and Telelogos vision, listen to this great SAP Industry Insights podcast to discover this efficient way to ‘Tackle the great talent shortage in manufacturing’.




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