26 October 2015

Windows Mobile-Android: “Wake Up on SMS” function to secure your mobile devices

The Wake Up SMS function is available for Android and Windows Embedded Handheld platforms to remotely neutralize your mobile device.

In the new MediaContact version 5.5, the Wake Up SMS function is available on Windows Embedded Handheld and Android platforms.

This summer, remember to activate the “neutralization” process to secure your mobile devices. Thus, in case of loss or theft of your mobile device, you can neutralize your mobile device remotely thanks to MediaContact Wake Up technology. By sending an SMS to your tablet or smartphone equipped with MediaContact, you can remotely wipe all the data it contains.

Reminder, the Wake Up SMS is a technology built into MediaContact which allows the server to send a command to a remote terminal (laptop, tablet, smartphone, rugged PDA) not connected.

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