Digital signage in public places

Streets, stations, airports, theme parks.... screens and digital signage boards have enhanced public spaces to inform, guide, direct and make suggestions to the public in real time. They have become essential to keeping individuals or crowds informed effectively.

Media4Display enables remote, real-time management of text or multimedia content in public spaces. Broadcast dynamic content: service schedule, wait times, directions, service offerings, upcoming events, etc.... Media4Display automates the connection between these broadcasts and information systems.

Main objectives

Inform & guide

Use Media4Display to inform, guide, direct and make suggestions in real time…


Display dynamic content and reduce the feeling of waiting

Digital advertising

Promote your services and those of your partners



  • Display content on all types of screens and boards
  • Display identical or customized content on a large number of screens
  • Display different messages according to the place and time
  • Simplify your installation and connect your outdoor screens with 4G
Use cases


  • Inform travelers of schedules, travel network status, waiting times, etc.
  • Indicate the number of spaces available in a car park
  • Display advertising in a stadium or gym
  • Reduce the feeling of waiting in queues to access attractions at a theme park
  • Display alert messages in crisis situations