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For more than 60 years, MACC has been operating in the construction sector and more recently in the agricultural sector. Its distribution model of direct sales only contributes to the proximity with its customers. Indeed, over 100 salesmen go to meet end-users by going every day through French and European roads with their mobile store (truck) equipped with demo products. Unfortunately, these teams rarely get together, with a strong need for cohesion and smooth communication. 

Optimize communication with field teams to ensure that they do not miss important information

At MACC, the field teams are all equipped with state-of-the-art equipment: telephone, PC, tablet, printer, ... enabling them to access all the company's resources but also to finalize a sale directly with the customer, for instance.  

However, internal communications did not have a dedicated communication channel until now. Email and/or SMS were then often used, whether to announce a new feature on the business application, to notify of a system maintenance, to alert of a service unavailability or simply to communicate on the current objectives. 

In this context, the teams in charge of the MACC sales force as well as the IT teams wanted to find a solution that would be common to both services, simple to implement and allowing easy and instant communication when necessary, to the field teams, wherever they were, while ensuring better visibility of the messages.  

Outil de communication interne permettant d'envoyer des notifications aux équipes terrain


MACC uses the Channels notification feature - an informative pop-up that can contain text, images, and links - to keep its remote staff informed.

Simplify internal communication processes to animate and sustainably motivate field teams

Outil de communication interne permettant de modifier les fonds d'écrans des équipes terrain.


MACC utilise la fonctionnalité fond d'écran et écran de verrouillage - écrans vus de nombreuses fois dans la journée - pour mettre en avant les challenges commerciaux en interne et ainsi animer sa force de vente.

The MACC teams have chosen Channels, an internal communication solution, to meet their needs. The solution allows them to communicate in a very fast way to all the field teams, or in a more targeted way to a part of the teams, according to established criteria.  

The communications can have various formats/channels depending on the need and the emergency of the message: notifications, alerts, ... Channels also offers the possibility to customize in a few clicks only the backgrounds and lock screens of the terminals (computers or Windows tablets in this case). The background is notably a channel very much used by MACC to highlight the various commercial challenges.  

Until now, the IT department was often called upon to distribute new messages to all the teams, which required the setting up of a script, which was time and effort consuming, and without any certainty as to the correct delivery. Channels now gives the sales administration team total autonomy, and the assurance, thanks to the monitoring of statistics on the administrator interface, that all the targeted terminals have been updated. This ease of use allows sales administration teams to think differently when it comes to their messages, which may be updated as frequently as desired. The impact of these communications is enhanced tenfold. 

Increase efficiency with real-time alerts

On the support service side, the tool also provides an efficient solution to alert all field teams in just a few clicks. A useful feature in the event of a temporary technical issue with the business application or service unavailability for updating, for instance.  

Previously, more than 50 calls could reach the support service in these situations. Thanks to Channels, each salesperson receives an alert in full size on their PC or tablet, informing them that the problem exists but, more importantly, that it is already being taken care of. No more calls arrive at the support service, allowing them to focus 100% on solving the problem. It's a real gain in time and efficiency!  

Sales assistants are now using this channel to remind those who are late with their inventory deadlines, for example. These messages being unable to remain unread.  

Outil de communication interne permettant d'alerter les équipes terrain


MACC uses the alert feature - a message displayed on the screen, supplanting any other application - to quickly inform teams if a problem has already been identified and thus avoid numerous calls to support.

Finally, Channels provides MACC teams with an effective communication solution for informing, alerting, and engaging sales teams in the field. Time and efficiency savings are measured. But also a better reactivity of all the teams and an improvement of the cohesion to work towards common objectives.  


Florian MAQUET

Chief information officer - MACC

« We have implemented Channels which has allowed MACC to improve communication and cohesion among our field teams, streamline our internal communication processes, gain efficiencies through real-time alerts and engage our field sales teams. »

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