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With its 70-year history, Slovak Lines became one of the most popular public bus transport providers in Slovakia. The company provides regular, occasional, and personal transport services.

Why did Slovak Lines choose digital signage ?

With the opening of a new bus station in Nivy Shopping Center in the heart of Bratislava, Slovak Lines wanted to rethink the way they displayed Departures/Arrivals information to optimize passenger experience. With 1,100 connections in a day, Slovak Lines had a challenge to make sure Arrivals and Departures are displayed seamlessly to all passengers. The solution had to be capable of real time data sourcing to update information on their screens instantly.


Media4Display : The answer to all Slovak Lines Digital Signage needs


Slovak Lines is using over 80 screens in this station which mainly display Arrivals/Departures information. Here are four examples of usage, all powered by the digital signage software Media4Display :

Displays on platforms showing real-time departure/arrival times

Over 60 displays on the platforms showing real-time departure/arrival times.


Wall of screen for departures and arrivals information

A Wall of nine 75’’ screens with portrait orientation that display a mix of ads and Departures/Arrival information for the international lines.

Interactive Vending Kiosks which loop advertising content while not in-use

Two interactive Vending Kiosks where passengers can buy their tickets which loop advertising content while not in-use.

A led Wall on top of the ticket office combined with screens on desk informing if cashier is free or busy.

A led Wall on top of the ticket office combined with screens on desk informing if cashier is free or busy.

Strong Partner Network

Slovak Lines were looking for a new digital signage provider to manage and display different types of content within a single solution. The challenge was to find an AV integrator that could provide both classic static signage and also a complete digitalized signage platform. They tasked Qex with this search as they had built a good relationship with them from other projects.


After diving into our product, Qex chose the digital signage software Media4Display for this client. The fact Media4Display CMS is fully compatible with the Philips Android SoC displays (System on Chip) they wanted to use, and that the software has a built in “Device management” solution that could manage the Android SoC operating system, all other applications the SoC displays, the hardware and network security requirements of the project was the reason behind their selection. Having all of the above features in our software platform set us above any other solution.


Slovak Lines is specifically using Media4Display feature that enables the processing and broadcasting of their own data sources in JSON/HTML formats. They also rely on the built-in device management functions for updating and securing the Philips Android SoC displays.


On top of answering Slovak Line technical needs, Media4Display was easily adopted by their end-users thanks to its easy and intuitive GUI.


In this project, Qex put their trust in Telelogos, and Slovak Lines can now rely on Qex and their expertise. All through this project, from POC to Roll-out, transversal communication and support between the integrator (Qex) and the ISV (Telelogos) were the keys to its success, ensuring an efficient set up and implementation of this project.


Lukas Beno

Designer - Slovak Lines

"Bus transport is a dynamic and ever-changing ecosystem that requires agile responses 24/7. Especially thanks to the digital screens and the solution from Telelogos, we can guarantee our customers at Central Bus Station Nivy that the information displayed on screens will always be relevant and delivered fast. Our cooperation guarantees that we belong to the most modern bus terminals in Central Europe"

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