With a rich history as the trailblazer in anti-burglary armored door systems since 1970, Point Fort Fichet, a distinguished subsidiary of the esteemed Assa Abloy Group, has been at the forefront of design, manufacturing, and marketing for over five decades. Specializing in armored apartment and house doors, locks, door cylinders, garage doors, roller shutters, and wireless alarms, Point Fort Fichet boasts a legacy that is second to none—distributing these exceptional products through an extensive network of 400 locksmiths, including 250 within France and an additional 150 in neighboring territories like Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain.

Challenge: Speed up promotional campaigns targeting dealer customers

Frédéric Colin, the astute CEO of Point Fort Fichet, identified a noteworthy hurdle: a substantial delay of several weeks between the launch of a promotional campaign by Point Fort Fichet's marketing team and its effective transmission to the dealership network. This delay primarily stemmed from traditional methods, relying on paper-based in-store advertising and email campaigns.


Dealerships, typically comprised of only two or three industrious individuals, tend to be more technically oriented than having a strong sales focus in the locksmithing arena.


These extended delays proved particularly detrimental, especially in the context of locksmithing products, which have a protracted renewal cycle, with armored doors, for instance, having a life span of up to thirty years. In such a scenario, losing a customer can be pretty significant. Thus, Point Fort Fichet sought a solution to empower its dealership network, making it more agile without overburdening its staff.

Solution: Revolutionizing Dealerships: The Influx of Display Screens at Point Fort Fichet

network of display screens strategically positioned within storefronts within their dealerships. The ingenious management of this network and its content was entrusted to the cutting-edge Media4Display solution provided by Telelogos.

The deployment of screen displays presents a compelling advantage, captivating the attention of customers and prospects more effectively than traditional communication methods. Visual information is not only swiftly comprehended but also has a lasting impression.


To bring this visionary in-store display solution to life, Point Fort Fichet partnered with Hub One, an esteemed Telelogos integrator. Hub One played an instrumental role in choosing hardware that seamlessly aligned with Point Fort Fichet's requirements, budget constraints, and technical specifications – encompassing aspects such as power consumption, luminance, UV resistance, and eco-friendliness. Furthermore, Hub One facilitated the seamless implementation of the Media4Display solution, conducted comprehensive training for the central marketing teams and dealership staff, and committed to ongoing support.

The solution has now been ushered into operation, with the rollout commencing in the most prominent dealerships and strategically positioned locales with high foot traffic.



The content showcased on dealership screens is meticulously crafted and managed by Point Fort Fichet's central marketing team, based at the company's headquarters in Montrouge, in the heart of the Parisian region. The shared display loop across all dealerships is consistent and comprehensive, covering communications about the Point Fort Fichet group, insights into manufacturing processes, product launches, safety awareness campaigns, the demonstration of locksmiths' technical expertise, and enticing promotional offers.

This display loop receives regular updates that seamlessly appear on the dealership screens without requiring any intervention from the dealers. However, with the aid of Media4Display and its local override feature, dealers can easily personalize the display loop. They can add their unique content and messages within predefined time slots.


Advantages: An Effective, User-Friendly Solution That Energizes the Sales Network


  • Content Creation: The Media4Display software interface boasts an intuitive design accessible through a web browser, enabling the central marketing team to seamlessly integrate various formats, including PDF, MP4, PPT, videos, web pages, and widgets.
  • Preview Functionality: This tool incorporates a preview feature, perfect for ensuring the quality and proper format of the content featured in the storefronts.
  • Display Scheduling: Media4Display offers a straightforward means to schedule content dissemination, allowing precise control over days, hours, and unique conditions.
  • Local Customization: Dealers can independently infuse their content into their storefront's display loop.
  • Streamlined Operation and Security: The solution expertly manages display equipment security, power management, and brightness control in an eco-conscious and neighborhood-friendly manner.

Frédéric Colin,

CEO, Point Fort Fichet

“ Our in-store display solution has proven to be a resounding success. Dealers who have embraced it greatly appreciate its direct support in cultivating new business opportunities. On our end, Point Fort Fichet is now closer to the users of our solutions through these screens. We have exciting new ideas that will allow us to engage even more profoundly with our customers through this network of screens and Media4Display! ”

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