COSUCRA, a Belgian company with over 170 years of experience in natural ingredients from chicory and peas, targets the food and health nutrition markets. This family-owned enterprise's mission is primarily to contribute to contemporary, healthy, and sustainable nutrition. COSUCRA exports its products to over 50 countries worldwide.


In line with this mission and as an extension of its pursuit of operational excellence, the company wanted to equip its 2 production sites with a digital signage solution.

Reaching Non-Connected Factory Workers

At COSUCRA, 50% of the workforce operates directly within the factory. These workers are not easily accessible as they may not have fixed workstations. Like many industrial sites, the company faced a significant challenge: reaching these less connected workers! To address this, and at the initiative of a task force comprising various departments, the two (2) production sites were equipped with multiple screens strategically placed in areas like the cafeteria, building reception, or the factory entrance.


Communication screens in high-traffic areas have proven to be an effective solution in addressing the challenge of reaching workers within the factory. Just like office employees, operators are now exposed to internal communication messages, fostering a stronger connection with the company's life. This achievement is a testament to our collective efforts.

Offering a Simple Solution for Daily Management

While the internal communication team had a clear objective, it was also essential to implement this project as straightforwardly as possible. This ensured that each responsible individual could handle the solution and that communication dissemination wouldn't pose an additional burden on managers.


In projects like this, the simplicity of content updates is crucial to ensure regular updates and keep communications relevant and impactful. COSUCRA is no exception. The project's success also depends on the simplicity of the Media4Display platform. The team appreciates its intuitive nature and quick updates, which have significantly improved daily management.




Engaging Operators with Relevant Topics

COSUCRA has achieved its goal since implementing the Media4Display digital signage solution! With screens installed at both production sites, factory workers are now informed about group news and local site information. Topics range from environmental issues to quality, safety on-site (best practices, days without accidents, information on recent accidents), HR-related information, and internal news such as monthly achievements.


Each site's designated person is responsible for content updates. Content is gathered from relevant sources and formatted simply on the interface. This process is as straightforward as editing a new paper display, but without the printing and handling, as digital signage automatically updates content across all screens. Operators regularly provide feedback on what they see on the screens. They frequently discuss these updates and even suggest ways to enrich the content. It's the best proof of effective communication!


Hélène Lenfant,

Internal Communication Coordinator, Cosucra

“ Screen implementation has been a real asset in internal communication. Not only are their installations widely appreciated by employees, but they also align with our values and vision to promote digitization and paperless practices. They have become indispensable communication tools, and thanks to our supplier, Media4Display, their management is optimized. We found a stable and user-friendly solution in them, which is our two main criteria! ”

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